What I’ve learned from Blogging



About this time 2 years ago I decided to really take blogging seriously.  I was working a job that I was feeling beat down and uninspired by.  At my job, I spent all day looking at other peoples blogs and connecting with them and one day I just decided I wanted to create something to inspire and connect with others who have similar interests as myself.   So I just started writing, it started with my favorite influencers, to my favorite makeup, to things I was wearing in the fall, I’ve learned how to edit photos and working on a timeline. These past 2 years have been so incredible and I feel so lucky to have learned so many things a traditional career could never teach.

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Key Pieces for a Transition Wardrobe


One frustration I have with this autumn is that in the morning it can be rather chilly and by mid-afternoon, it’s in the 80s.  You just can’t win either freeze in the office or sweat to death when you walk to the car.  I for one am always cold and actually have a blanket I leave at my desk to wrap up in every day so I just can’t win.  The weather has been so crazy the last couple weeks. My brain is still living in sweater weather so it’s definitely been difficult deciding what to wear in the morning. So here are my go-to pieces for transitioning outfits and living your fall fashion dreams with summer temps. Continue reading

Steal Her Style : Emma Roberts


Welcome to a new series on my blog!  I love pulling inspiration for my outfits from all over, Pinterest, tv shows I’m watching, movies, music videos and even celebrity street style.  I think it’s so fun to hunt down the pieces they were as well as more affordable options to get the same kind of style.  I also really love utilizing pieces I already own that can give me a similar look.  If you could let me know what you think of this series and what styles you’d be interested to see.  I would really appreciate it.  And here we go! Continue reading

How To Style Cropped Pants


I love playing with trends that are often not intended for smaller women.  As a girl that only stands five flat I often have to be very careful with what trends I try to take on.  But along with midi skirts, which many shmalls seem to avoid I’ve been really loving cropped pants. I picked this pair up at Zara which right now is KILLING this game.  They have so many cute styles in all different colors and prints it was really difficult for me to just choose one pair.  So instead of shying away from cropped pants because you seem to think they will make you look shorter I’m here today to share a couple suggestions for my little ladies to rock this really great trend. Continue reading

August Favorites

august16As an ode to summer, I have decided to do a little August or summer favorites. I know I am no good at putting these together on a monthly basis but I never know if you guys enjoy them or not. I am definitely trying to work on my confidence in front of the camera get a filming set up so I can build my Youtube channel, but for now, the blog has to be where my sporadic monthly favorites live.  In the comments would you all please tell me if you enjoy reading these or if you would rather see them on Youtube?  Do you want other influencers favorites videos? Continue reading

Fall Fashion Comebacks


The Great New York State Fair is over so now is the unofficial start of fall (even though it’s felt like fall for about 3 weeks now.  So with the cooler weather comes with warmer fashion and today I wanted to share some of the pieces that are probably already in your closet that are making their comeback and you should keep around for at least another season (but I’m thinking longer). Continue reading

To My College Self

blue3I can’t believe it’s back to school season already, this felt like the shortest summer ever.  In honor of people going back to school I kind of feel the need to give a little advice to particularly the people going off to college, whether it’s your freshman year or senior year these are things I wish I had either heard from someone or listened to when I got the advice (sorry Mum!), so to my younger self here’s a little advice.

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Hair Goals


One thing I definitely take a lot of pride in is my hair.  I take really good care of it and love learning on how to make it stronger healthier and the color I want. So here are a couple tips I have found that works for my hair I am in no way a licensed cosmetologist nor have I taken any classes on the subject.   Continue reading

6 product make up look


Summer comes and I think my makeup routine seems to get really simplified.  There’s no need for a heavy contour or strong smokey eye, I find myself picking up my eyeliner less and really don’t put on much foundation.  Not only does this cut down on the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning but it also cuts down on the products I’m taking on a trip this summer so today I’ve put together a makeup look that requires just 6 easy products.  This has been my go-to look this summer and I love how glowy and bronzed it is. Continue reading

5 ways to style overalls


We’re back again with another style post, I’ve said this before but I will say it forever, I love fashion.  I love how the same trends are always present just have been adapted to fit the times. I love the challenge of taking pieces I’ve bought years ago and making them look new or fit what’s trending.  So naturally, since overalls are still pretty present in fashion I thought it would be fun to show you how I style my skinny leg overalls.  What I love about this trend is how different they can be.  Wide leg, cropped, shorts, and skinny you can make them in so many colors and fabrics.   Continue reading