11 Shows I Binge-Watched in 2020

So, a quick aside, before I get into the list… looking back at all the shows I watched this year has shown me two things. One, 2020 has been an incredibly long year that feels like it was over in the blink of an eye. And two, that I watched an almost unhealthy amount of tv in the last twelve months. Being stuck inside during the lockdown months as well as working from home has given me quite a bit of time to consume some television. These are the shows I enjoyed and think you should give a try if you’re looking for something to watch in these winter months while we try to get through this pandemic.

Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime) – Sifi, meets World War II dystopia show. Mike and I are on the last season of this, and I don’t want it to end.

Z: The Beginning of Everything (Amazon Prime) – Follows the story of Zelda Fitzgerald. As an F. Scott Fitzgerald fanatic, this show is incredible I love the 20s the story. This show is perfect if you’re a historical fiction fan.

The Mandalorian (Disney Plus) – As a child who grew up watching all the original Star Wars movies anything from the Galaxy is a must watch and this doesn’t let you down. There are so many references to the original trilogy, and also even if you haven’t seen one episode you already love Grogue.

The Crown (Netflix) – Now I watched The Crown when it first came out and was hooked but then honestly forgot about the show, now that the third season is out I jumped back on it and I couldn’t stop. If historical drama’s are your thing the drama in the royal family is a must watch.

Great British Baking Show (Netflix) – Another oldie but a goodie whenever I’m looking for some background noise for work or need something lighter because I do lean toward dramas and shows with darker tones the Great British Baking Show is always my go to for something light hearted. Who doesn’t love watching some charming brits in friendly competition baking things? Be warned this show might also have you in the kitchen going round two on your banana bread recipe…

Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – Another beautifully written perido drama based on the novel by Walter Tevis this coming of age story is a fantasticly gripping story.

Emily in Paris (Netflix) – This might be an unpopular opinion but I kinda loved Emiy In Paris, it was corny, Emily was the worst most annoying representation of the ignorant American but there were so many great characters, the fashion was fantastic, and I’m a sucker for a good girly romance. If you’re a fan of shows like Younger or Sex and the City then you might find this show endearing.

Umbrella Academy – Yes another older show, but I over looked it when it first came out but realized I slept on something good. This show follows a family of dysfunctional super heros. Season two was released last year and the third season should be begin filming soon. I was pleasantly surpised at how much I enjoyed it and was hooked.

The Flight Attendant (HBO) – Kaley Cuoco plays a flight attendant who finds herself in a bad situaition with some big problems. The show follows her travels and sloothing to find a killer. It was so good and I was impatiently waiting for each episode to be added each week.

The Vow (HBO) – Now we’re getting into my true crime addition so if that’s not your cup of tea the list is over for you and you can all go home now… But if you want a little insight into how people can be so easily manipulated The Vow will open your eyes. This show sheds light on the self-improvement group NXIVM and the manipulations members had to endure from it’s leader.

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark (HBO) – Another true crime story based on the life of Michelle Mcnamara, a relentless true crime author who played a crucial role in apprehending California’s most notorious killer and helped law enforcement put him behind bars. This story was absolutely fascinating to me and Michelle’s dedication to every clue makes you feel like you’re on the case with her.

What are your favorite shows you watched during the pandemic?


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