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Cape Coat

I was lucky enough to visit my best friend in New York City this year for my 25th birthday.  I couldn’t believe just how addicting and inspiring it truly is. The air just seems to buzz with excitement and opportunity there. The sites and the shops were magical but I think above all the fashion was what has me addicted.  Walking through SoHo and around the NYU campus I loved seeing the trends and the risks each person took with fashion.

The weather for our city weekend was absolutely a dream for a typical New York December so I was lucky enough to still be able to wear my cape coat out and about. Of all the Autumn/Winter trends this is by far my favorite.  It’s so classic and sophisticated you feel like Blair Waldorf walking the streets of New York.

For this weekend I paired my coat with a very casual pair of high waisted shorts, and a dotted button down shirt.  I love wearing little dresses and opaque tights with my cape and either wearing my bobble hat or a big ballet bun.  You can also dress the cape down wearing a pair of jeans and a nice sweater or a long sleeve shirt.  The possibilities are really endless, this cape really just adds the right amount of sophistication to any look. What is your favorite outerwear trends right now?



4 thoughts on “Cape Coat

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    this cape is perfection! I love your shoes too 🙂 enjoy ny!
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. prettydaring says:

    Absolutely love this outfit. I’ve been toying over cape coats for a while but this one definitely looks so stylish on you and is swaying my decision! Feel free to check out my latest OOTD post, styling cashmere: ☺️

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