Philly trip

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit my very best friend from college in the beautiful city of Philadelphia for her birthday!  In my four years of college I spent quite a few weekend romping around that city and it really began to feel like home.  So to be back in my favorite city with such a wonderful woman had me very smitten.  On Saturday we spend the day sight seeing in the beautiful Newtown, Pennsylvania.  

I think weekend fashion is my favorite, thought my company is very relaxed with office attire I feel like on the weekend I can really be as lazy or creative as I’d like. For our day romping around Newtown I opted for a little chambray dress and a pair of booties.  The weather was stunning and I really had to take advantage.  My darling Courtney is so classic, I am always in awe of just how put together she can be (even after a full night out).  Keeping your outfit very simple can also create an effortless look.  Keeping the accessories very minimal and dainty keeps the focus on the lines in the outfit.

For the main event of the evening we decided to get a little fancy.  Again Courtney kept it so classic with a stunning cream and black lace dress.  What I loved is she create a statement with her make up!  I think this is my favorite trend currently.  I love wearing very simple outfits and then adding a very daring pop of color on my lips.  Courtney found the most beautiful MAC lipstick and did a very subtle smokey eye.  For my look I opted for a little bit more of a California vibe.  I wore my favorite romper from Show Me Your Mumu and again a pair of booties with soft waves and subtle make up.


I had such a wonderful weekend with my girl, I am so lucky to have such wonderful positive people in my life.


What is your favorite weekend look?



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