Color correcting 101

The cosmetic industry is constantly coming up with ways for women to cover up their “imperfections”, create illusions, and change face shapes with the flick of a brush.  The latest trend that people have been buzzing about it color correcting and I’m hooked.  These little miracles are definitely worth looking into.  They are simply little colored concealers that are supposed to counter balance an unwanted coloration.  The trick to color correcting is remembering the color wheel from your elementary school days. Continue reading


Netflix and Chill

We’re in the home stretch… it’s almost the weekend. Everyones favorite time of the week, you can sleep in, get errands run, and just relax from your very busy week.  But my favorite thing to do on the weekend is Netflix marathons. There is an art to really having the most relaxing Netflix weekend and making sure you have made all the preparations is key. Continue reading

My Everyday Eyeshadow Pallet

I have a love hate relationship with eyeshadow pallets.  I love how beautiful they are, but I hate the price tag.  I have such a hard time dropping so much money on a pallet of shadows that I won’t use half of them.  The Naked pallets are so gorgeous but there are so many colors I feel like are just not me.  I also really love the pallet the Gwen Stefani pallet but there again some of the colors are just too far outside my comfort zone. Being a neutrals gal I think I have found the holy grail of shadow pallets.

Continue reading