5 Ways to Get Some Quality Me Time


The weather is starting to cool, the days are getting shorter and just last week I noticed the leaves on the tree out front have started to change.  Now more than ever I think is a great time of year to give yourself the care and quality time you need. Continue reading


What’s in my Bag? – Autumn Addition


Hello Lovlies!  Finally had my first weekend home with nothing to do so my friend and I decided to take a little Autumn prep shopping trip!  I am not even close to ready to let summer go but the darker colors and slouchy sweaters are kinda easing me into the season.   But with clothes changing I was thinking about how the products I have in my purse change as well.  So today I have for you a few products that live in my purse for the Autumn months. Continue reading

3 Ways to Transition Cold Shoulders for Fall


Hello again my lovelies.  Today I want to talk about one of my favorite trends currently, the off the shoulder tops.  As you’ve seen on my Instagram as well as the blog one of my favorite summer trends has to be the cute bardot top.  There is something so feminine and beautiful about the off the shoulder look, a little bit of lace and a beautiful pastel color.  Since I’ve worn them all summer I can’t possibly just let them go as the weather gets cooler.  So here are a couple of my suggestions on how to bring your favorite bardot tops into fall. Continue reading

DIY Eugina Kim Hat


All Summer I was on the hunt for the perfect summer beach hat.  One to sit under on a sandy beach with my favorite sunnies and a great book.  But for some reason I kept turning to the Eugina Kim hat and wishing it was a little bit closer to my price range considering I live no where near a sandy beach it just didn’t make sense.  So instead I decided to create my own Eugina Kim inspired hat!   Continue reading