My 5 Fall Beauty Favorites

Hello Syracuse fall, our weather went from gorgeous mid 70s and sunny to a balmy 40 with rain in just a matter of weeks.  I love how gorgeous this time of year is but not being surprised if it snows before Halloween is really for the birds.  But with the changing season of course my wardrobe and beauty routine changes as well.  So here are a few make up and skin care products that are really getting me in the mood for fall.


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Wanderlust- 10 places I’d love to visit

My family and I are officially going to Germany this Christmas, and I can’t be anymore excited.  I’m so incredibly fortunate to get to go back to where I was born and experience this beautiful country through different eyes. I’ve heard so many stories and seen photos from our time there and I can’t be more excited to experience it all again. But with this trip coming very quickly I have been thinking about the next adventures I want to take.  Your 20s are the best opportunity to travel, these are 10 destinations I would love to visit before I’m 30.

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Get the Blog Photos You Want


I think the number one thing that makes your blog a blog people come back to time and time again is a great set of photos.  Along with good written content, visuals are really want people are attracted to first.  I think even after the year that I have been writing this blog I have continued to look for ways to improve my photography.  Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way. Continue reading