Winter Makeup Look With Lancome


Fall never feels quite long enough, just last week it was in the low 70s and then Monday we we were hit with about 6 inches of snow.  Welcome to Central New York!  But with the change of the seasons also brings changes in trends of course and I have been changing up my typical look this season and trying new products and creating a make up looks perfect for everyday or even for your holiday party this season. Continue reading


Happy Birthday Dollface Diaries


I can’t actually believe I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I used to dabble in it for years before in college creating a post, and then letting the blog sit for months.  Last year I decided to bring this baby back to life and make something of her.  I think my problem before was I  never really had a direction I wanted to take, or a focus and that really made staying active difficult.  But I never would have imagined all the things this blog would teach me not only about myself but about this amazing medium for sharing your thoughts. Continue reading

My Skin Care Routine



I have struggled to find the perfect routine for my skin for years now.  I’ve never had terrible acne but the occasional break out has been an issue for me for so many years.  But actually with the start of this blog I’ve become very interested in trying out new skin care products to find the perfect regime for me skin.  I think it’s safe to say I’ve officially found a fantastic routine and group of products that have given my skin a much needed lift. Continue reading

Autumn Style


The summer weather faught the good fight this year and held out for quite some time but I think it’s finally taken it’s leave and let the chilly fall 50s make its way in. With the consistent Autumn weather I have been pulling out some of my favorite trends! Other than the Autumn-y things in my bag and my beauty favorites, I finally got to wear some of my favorite fall pieces, so I’m bringing you my top 5’s for fall. Continue reading