Winter Makeup Look With Lancome


Fall never feels quite long enough, just last week it was in the low 70s and then Monday we we were hit with about 6 inches of snow.  Welcome to Central New York!  But with the change of the seasons also brings changes in trends of course and I have been changing up my typical look this season and trying new products and creating a make up looks perfect for everyday or even for your holiday party this season.


I usually go for a very neutral brown subtle smokey eye and a black wing, but this season I’m choosing cooler colors for my looks.  The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay has some gorgeous cool pink and purple tones and I have been using Factory and Mugshot in the crease and dust across the lid for a smokey eye.


lancome5Then I use the amazing eyeliners I was gifted by Influenster. This month I was able to try out some amazing Lancome product and I’m definitely addicted.  In the box I received a couple of their Drama Liqui-pencil and they are some of the most beautiful pencil eyeliners. they are so creamy and pigmented. I don’t typically do colored eyeliners but this purple is amazing!  The color is so bright and stayed put all day.


lancome6I am also so in love with the way the Definicils mascara makes my lashes look and feel. It makes them so long and dark with great definition.  They also gifted me a sample size of the Visonnair Yeux eye cream, it is a beautiful under eye moisturizer I put on before applying my foundation and eye make up.  It was an amazing primer and not only moisturized but also kept my makeup in place all day.  Finally I received their well known Bi-facil makeup remover and this stuff is amazing.  It takes all my eye makeup off with ease and makes my face feel super fresh and clean.

I am officially addicted to all of these products, thank you Influenster and Lancome to the opportunity to create an amazing make up look and to try these products.

Have you used Lancome products?  What’s your favorite?



11 thoughts on “Winter Makeup Look With Lancome

  1. McKenzMorgan says:

    Couldn’t help but giggle at your opening paragraph. My mom grew up in New York so we visit her parents every Christmas and every year my Grandma complains about the same thing. Gorgeous look btw xx.

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