4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Resolutions

flurry7In late December I shared my resolutions for 2017.  I think creating a plan for your year is half the battle.  Knowing what you want to accomplish can be challenging but sticking to and completely your goals is even more important.  So today I wanted to share some easy ways to stay on track and actually achieve your goals for 2017. Continue reading


Do’s and Don’ts of a Work Holiday Party


This weekend my office celebrated the holidays and another year in the books.  I think this is one of my favorite events of my year because it’s one of the only opportunities we get to really get dressed up and have a good time.  I also love seeing what everyone else is going to wear.  This year I decided to create a do’s and don’ts list to hopefully help you out when you get invited to an office shindig and don’t know what to wear. Continue reading

My 2016 favorites

I know what you’re going to say “Jessa, it’s the third week of January why are you so late?” And for that I’m sorry, I went back and forth quite a bit on this idea and didn’t want to sound too redundant but these are some of my favorite posts (and youtube videos) to read so I thought I would share my bit of a year end round up with you all as well to capture all the trends in 2016 that I loved. Continue reading

Hangover Cure


Happy New Year!  It is finally 2017 and I am so excited to start this year right. But I’m sure after your new year festivities you’re probably not feeling your best so for today’s post I’m sharing a few tips on how to look better thank you feel after a weekend of saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to a new start. Continue reading