4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Resolutions

flurry7In late December I shared my resolutions for 2017.  I think creating a plan for your year is half the battle.  Knowing what you want to accomplish can be challenging but sticking to and completely your goals is even more important.  So today I wanted to share some easy ways to stay on track and actually achieve your goals for 2017.

flurry8Make a list:

Making a physical list of all your goals is probably my most important tip.  Knowing what you want to obtain in your mind is one thing but having a physical reminder of all your goals for the year, something you can look over is so important to really realizing those dreams.  I like to write them all down and then pin them up somewhere.  Over your desk is a great place for them.  Typically I use my desk when I really need to get down to business so having my goals for the year pined up in front of me will inspire me to work that much harder.

Along with writing them down, organizing said goals is also important.  Picking out your big goals and small goals or your short term and long term goals can give you an idea of how long it’s going to take to realize your goals.  Which ones you can check off quickly and which ones are going to need a little bit more work and planning.


flurry4Check yourself:

After you’ve make your list of goals, checking to make sure these goals can be obtained in a year is the next step.  Do you have a deadline for the goal?  Are you planning to have benchmarks to check your progress? Making sure this is all thought about is very important and holds you accountable for your goals.

Make plans:

Then after you’ve figured out deadlines, benchmarks and check the actionability of your goals your next step is to writing out your goals. With plans on how you’re going to achieve your goals you can’t go wrong. I also love to add reminders in my planner so I can check and evaluate myself through my journey.


Get yourself a cheerleader:

Finally, find someone to hold you accountable and to be your support system.  For that gym goal get yourself a buddy or someone to hold you to your plan. For your other goals, if you need some help don’t forget to ask.  If it seems really daunting or you hit a roadblock don’t get discouraged.  Find your support system and get it done!


What goals do you have for 2017?


8 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Resolutions

  1. Rosalinda Sorto says:

    It’s a guilty pleasure for me to read posts about New Years resolutions. Its reminds me of my own resolutions lol 👌🏼

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