Style Evolution

baby-dollfacediariesWhat I love about fashion is that it’s ever changing. Bell Bottoms in the ’70s (and 2017!), drop waists in the ’20s I love how every year the trends are always evolving. But with fashion not only does the industry change but so do people’s person styles and that fascinates me. What you liked or what was ‘fashionable’ yesterday is so different today and even tomorrow.  I think going back in your own evolution is kind of a fun way to see how your fashion has been a way for you to express who you are in that moment and also a cool way to see how you’ve grown and matured. So today I want to take you on a little trip down memory lane and how I’ve evolved as a fashion lover.

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5 Ways to Style Leggings


Waking up on a cold winter day is always a difficult one.  Especially, when you didn’t pick out your outfit the night before (or it’s currently 9 degrees and snowy).  No matter how hard I try to step away I always find myself reaching for my favorite pair of leggings.  But your typical leggings outfit isn’t always the most “work appropriate.” Luckily, my job is a little more lenient on the dress code but today I wanted to share a few more office friendly legging outfits you can wear almost anywhere. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

If I’ve learned anything from my 26 years of Valentine’s Day it’s that this holiday is about treating and loving the special people in your life.  Weather it was the kids in your elementary school class, stuffed animals from your high school crush, or maybe treating your Galentines to a fabulous evening.  This is another holiday to show the ones you love you mean it. Today I’m really excited to share a little something special, I have some fantastic gift ideas of all prices as well as something to say I appreciate all your support!  Continue reading