Transition to Spring Fashion


I don’t know about anywhere else but spring is taking her sweet time getting up to Central New York.  We recently got a huge snow storm and Jack Frost has decided to stick around a little longer.  But this hasn’t stopped my wardrobe from turning over and some of my favorite spring and summer pieces from making an appearance.  Continue reading


Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is just around the corner, even though the feet of snow we got in two days would like to say otherwise.  I think other than the warmth of summer, spring might be my favorite season. Its a season of change a season of fresh starts. I love to take some time each spring to clean out my closet and most importantly my make up drawers.  Today I want to share my process of freshening up my style for the warmer months. Continue reading

February Favorites


Monthly favorites are some of my favorite Youtube videos, I look forward to seeing what products my favorite bloggers and Youtubers are using and loving each month.  Its such a great way to get a reliable review of products you’ve been dying to try. So this month I decided to bring my monthly favorites back into rotation.  And hopefully next month I can give it a little twist from my normal favorites.

Continue reading