Coachella Style


Coachella is the unofficial start to summer, I feel I look to Coachella to really set the tone for summer trends and I’m definitely not hating what I’m seeing from Coachella 2017.  First, and a little unrelated to the post but, I have to give Oh Wonder a nod for being such a stellar band and making the lineup!  If you’ve never heard of them give them a listen.  Now, let’s get into the trends I can’t wait to try myself this summer. Continue reading


4 Ways to Style Your Rain Boots for Spring


Spring’s number one fashion trend is probably always flowers.  You hit spring and I feel like my outfits always contain some kind of flower print.  But second to flowers I think spring is the season of rain boots.  For one, they are very useful for those rainy days, and two… how doesn’t love a little puddle stomping every once in a while!?  I personally find a classic pair of hunters to be the perfect staple for those cloudy days.  So today I wanted to share my favorite ways of styling my Wellies. Continue reading