How to Style Flared Jeans


Have we reached the point where skinny jeans are no longer in style?  While I firmly stand behind the versatility of my Topshop Joni jeans I have recently been going back to my roots and pulling out the flared jeans for a change.  I think this can create a really fun style and as you all may be well are of right now I am all about the very vintage 70s boho vibes.  I’ll chalk it up to my Girl Boss obsession but I’m obsessed with styling flared jeans.

flace25Boho Babe: I think an obvious first choice would be a bohemian style top.  Something in a light material with wide sleeve and a loose fit.  Of course, I still have a first class seat on the off the shoulder trend train so that is also an obvious choice to wear with my flares.  You have to be careful if your top is a little bit wider you want to make sure your jeans are a little more fitted at the top to about the knee so it doesn’t look like your clothes are just a couple sizes too big.  If you have wider bells pair your jeans with more of a cropped top even if it skims the top of your jeans it gives you more of a figure.


flare24Nasty Gal: I went through a phase where I wore nothing on my clothes, I hated advertising for brands or wearing silly sayings.  I have to say recently I’ve been digging out my old band tees to pair with my flares to create a more rocker hippy look.  I think this paired with a pair of sneakers or if your daring platform heels could be a really fun concert look.

70’s much?: Next, I think a trend that is also breaking into the fashion world this summer is the halter top.  We saw her a little bit last year and I think it’s going to definitely be more of a dominant trend this year.  Paired with a pair of wedged sandals and flares is the quintessential 70’s look. All you’re missing is a flower crown and round sunnies.


flare5Booty Booty: I definitely feel like a broken record when it comes to footwear.  I have so many shoes and yet I think I rotate through the same ones.  But of course, booties will be a shoe that continues to go with anything.  I think flares with a double buckle belt and some booties gives you that western vibe without rocking some cowboy boots.

Platforms: Finally, my footwear choice of the season is going to be the chunky platform sandals.  Just wait, you will be seeing so much of these babies this summer.  I think they are the perfect partner to a pair of flared jeans.  Platform sandals will give you that little height to make a longer pair of flares just the right length.  These are honestly the perfect summer sandal.

Have you tried the flares trend yet?


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