5 Fashion Trends from 2020 that will stick around in 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Friday trends post, and I know this particular post feels a little late. But, I still fit it into January content, so it counts right? I love how somewhat predictable fashion can be. Styles and trends come around over and over again. Last year was focused on a resurgence of 90s style which, I wasn’t mad at. But when the pandemic hit I feel like the regularly scheduled fashion trends hit a bit of a pause. And things we were seeing as being big hits for a day in the office or a night on the town took a back seat for more practical trends. Loungewear as streetwear was definitely on the rise and I feel like it took center stage once we went into lockdown. So now that 2021 has hopefully hit the reset button there are a few fashion trends that because of the pandemic, have decided to stick around for another go.

Fashion month is upon us, and couture runway shows have already begun. This is honestly my favorite biannual event to see what designers are creating. I always feel so inspired and this year is no exception, possibly even more inspiring considering I’m already seeing just an elevation of things already hanging in my closet. These are the five trends I see sticking around and being brought to the forefront of 2021 fashion.


2020 was heavily influenced by TikTok and I feel like fashion was no exception. Corsets were in so many runway styles last year but have taken over on TikTok and I believe because of this it’s here to stay. Shows like Bridgerton have romanticized 1800s fashion that including very feminine silhouettes created with corsets. They will only continue to grow in popularity and can be dressed up or styled down depending on the build of the corset and can create beautiful flattering lines.

Wide-leg Pants

I’m not talking flares. That trend came and went quite quickly and honestly, I’m not mad… I’m talking wide-leg trousers or denim. These pants may hug the thigh a little but for the most part, are loose and wider from above the knee down. I am so happy this style is sticking around and feel like it’s a nod to menswear that can be feminized with a frilly top or lean into the menswear feel with a fitted blazer

Matching Loungewear

Of course, since we’re still living with COVID-19, and many of us are still working from home. To make loungewear feel acceptable for your team meetings all you have to do is make sure they match. For winter we’ve upgraded loungewear to sweater sets, and ribbed sets to elevate a comfy look. Add accessories and a cute claw clip to make these outfits seem intentional and put together. If you’re wearing your loungewear outdoors, to the airport, or even daringly to work, choose a monochrome look to make it look styled and chic.\

Knee boots

The over the knee boots have finally been retired and replaced with their little sister the knee boot. These boots sit just under the knee and are so flattering. I love styles that look like riding boots but they can also be edgy with a combat feel. Designers like Prada are creating the perfect edgy boot.

Statement Shoulders

Finally, I talk about these all the time, but since most of us are taking meetings on zoom or looking to elevate our look a cool statement shoulder is just what we’re looking for. Add frills or a big voluminous puffy sleeve, make them sheer or bell. There are so many options and ways you can create a unique look for any personal style. Designers like Anna Sui, Veronica Beard are leaning into the prairie style which downs sweet feminine puffy sleeves, and designers like Alice + Olivia went a different route with padded shoulders and more dramatic silhouettes.

I can’t wait to see what next month’s fashion shows have in store for our style trends. What are your favorites from last year?


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