5 Ways I’m staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The Holiday season has officially begun, with Thanksgiving in the books we continue into the season of treats, gatherings, and seasonal cheer. I personally find this is the time of year a lot of my goals throughout the year kind of slip and I tend to get a little lazy when it comes to eating well and working out. So this holiday season I decided I would hold myself accountable for my health goals from the start of the year while I still allow myself to enjoy the holiday festivities.

Don’t Overindulge

This is probably the most difficult step of them all. With holiday party after holiday party and cookie exchanges, as well as this, being the time of year that meals get a lot heartier, it can be really difficult to not overindulge. But if you give yourself cheat days or make guidelines for yourself it becomes easier to not only stick with your diets but it also makes the treats even sweeter. So what I do is I give myself one day a week I can eat a cookie (or two) after eating smaller portions and healthy meals all week that treat at the end of my week feels really good.

Move Your Body

As the weather gets colder and the days shorter it becomes harder and harder to find the motivation to find time for your workout. But this is such an important time of year to get out there and keep active. Even if it’s at home in your living room finding time to stretch or get your heart rate up is so important. I personally really love a good hot yoga class after work. It’s warm and cozy and I’m all stretched and ready for bed after a long workday.

Limit the Cocktails

Along with big meals and family get-togethers, this is also the time of year you find yourself drinking more. Warm cocktails, spiked hot chocolate, and Gulhwine is flowing but you should definitely watch how much you’re drinking, not only is it not good for your diet but this time of year can be kind of a strain on your mental health and drinking definitely doesn’t help. So limit your number of drinks and as always remember there are always people out there ready to help.

Take Time for Yourself

As I said this can be a very stressful time of year, planning parties and buying presents. So with all your organizing and present buying don’t forget to make a little time for yourself. Pick up your favorite book or take a bath, pamper yourself while you’re spending your time thinking of others.

Prevent Infections

This is a different kind of healthy but I feel like it still applies. I have been living in the city for 8 months now and have been dreading flu season. Sitting on the train I think about all the germs that could be on the handrails and even the seats (gross I know), someone sneezes and it makes me cringe. So as the weather gets colder I have added a hand sanitizer to all of my bags. I make sure to use some everytime I exit the train and I’m really conscious of what I’m touching. Try to keep your distance from people with cold or flu symptoms and also try to avoid sharing drinks with people.

How are you staying healthy this holiday season?


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