5 Ways to Get Some Quality Me Time


The weather is starting to cool, the days are getting shorter and just last week I noticed the leaves on the tree out front have started to change.  Now more than ever I think is a great time of year to give yourself the care and quality time you need.

skirt3Take a fitness class: Taking care of your body is so important, I have recently been trying to read more, and watch what I eat but I think working out has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve done for myself.  There are so many gyms or places to go for group classes you have so many options to find something that fits you.  Ballet is a great work out I loved as a kid. I also love to take the occasional yoga class, they are so relaxing and for that hour or so you can really get in touch with yourself.  I have even taken up going to the gym on my own and doing a few circuits I found on Pinterest.  But I think my absolute favorite way to treat my body to some quality time has to be Aerial Silks.  As I’ve said before its a fantastic workout and really targets every part of your body in one simple workout but it’s also a great workout for your mind.  Putting together choreography or even learning a new move you have to think about which way to turn and not getting tangled in the fabrics.  It’s so beautiful and for that hour my mind has checked out of my daily life and is focused on the present.




Spend more time doing daily tasks: I love grocery shopping, but going on a Sunday during the day is a nightmare. I feel like I need to get in and get out as fast as possible.  Go straight to the aisles I need things from and get to the check out line. To give yourself some quality time go when the store is a little calmer and walk through all the aisles.  You never know what you find and that gives you some alone time to maybe you’ll find some fantastic snacks you’ve never tried before!

skirt8Have a staycation:  Staycations are some of the best ways to create some me time and you don’t have to spend tons of money to do it!  Take a weekend or even an evening trip to a local hotel and indulge. Watch all the tv, sit in the robe, take a bath, and order room service.  If the hotel has a spa even pamper yourself there!  You can even have a mini staycation at home. Set up a comfy living room oasis with Netflix, take out and if you’d like a buddy (River might be my favorite cuddle buddy ever) snuggle up and relax. Just make sure you unplug from your phone and social media and give yourself that time away.


skirt6Start a hobby: I think hobbies are the best way to disconnect and have some time for yourself.  Photography has been a great outlet for me to find beauty in the things around me.  I also really love writing this blog !  I get to take my passion for fashion, beauty and inspiring others and put it in to this blog.  Having something that you create is so rewarding.  Take up knitting, or DIY-ing, create projects for yourself that you can see through to the finish and feel satisfied.

Table for one: Now I know this sounds scary and kinda crazy but hear me out.  Having dinner alone is probably the most liberating thing, go to your favorite restaurant and order all the appetizers you want, and if you want that dessert?  Go for it!  No one there to tell you no.




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