5 Ways to Style Leggings


Waking up on a cold winter day is always a difficult one.  Especially, when you didn’t pick out your outfit the night before (or it’s currently 9 degrees and snowy).  No matter how hard I try to step away I always find myself reaching for my favorite pair of leggings.  But your typical leggings outfit isn’t always the most “work appropriate.” Luckily, my job is a little more lenient on the dress code but today I wanted to share a few more office friendly legging outfits you can wear almost anywhere.

pink8First, big rule is to make sure your bum is covered no matter what the outfit is.  So if you’re going for a more relaxed t-shirt look add a cute flannel around your waist.  Gives you that grunge 90s look that is so popular right now.

Next to also follow the rule of coverage a really interesting outerwear- is a fun way to make your leggings look a little more chic. Long duster sweaters, colored bomber jackets, kimonos, and long chunky knit sweaters are a great way to layer your leggings and make your look super cozy for those chilly office spaces.

Another good rule to remember is not to try to dress them up too much. Steer clear of high heels.  Instead, wear a pair of booties, ballet flats, sneakers, loafers, or lace up boots.



pink6Next, steer clear of skirts or dresses worn over your leggings, often times the leggings don’t lay as nicely under those garments as a pair of opaque tights, instead pick a long chunky sweater or sweatshirt that skims your bum and makes your legs look longer.

Finally, this look is definitely off limits for the office but if you’re gonna wear a crop top make sure to pop a cute bomber jacket, leather jacket, or jean jacket over to give you more layers and make the outfit look more club ready and less “I just got out of the gym.”




How do you like to style your leggings?


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  1. February 20, 2017 / 6:29 pm

    Love this look! So comfortable yet stylish <3 great post!

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