9 Habits I Will Continue After Sheltering In Place

We don’t know if the end is near but as states like New York talk about slowly opening non-essential businesses and easying up on shelter in place orders we can begin looking at what our future is going to look like. I can’t imagine our world being the same after this and we still don’t even know much about the virus the future is so uncertain that we need to think in very fluid ways not dwelling on the past and hoping for everything to just be as they were. Just like a bad breakup, things will never be as they were and that’s probably for the best. It’s how we deal with our current state and how we better ourselves to move forward. That’s why there are a few things that I’ve adopted while sheltering in place that I want to bring with me after sheltering in place to be a better member of my community as well as a better to myself.

Compassion For Delivery and Grocery Store Workers

If this pandemic has taught me anything who truly are essential workers. Our first instinct is to think of the nurses and doctors, they are true heroes and should be praised for all their hard work and tireless hours but so should the cashiers, and employees in grocery stores, they are also spending their days potentially putting themselves at risk to make sure we can all live comfortably at home. It’s the delivery drivers as well going and picking up your takeaway or even your groceries so you can limit your trips to the store. Giving a little extra in your tip through your delivery service. Or maybe just being more patient in the checkout line can make someone’s day a lot easier.

Shopping Local

This has also taught me about the pain and struggle small businesses go through. Luckily none of the businesses around my apartment have had to make the tough decision not to reopen after this but they could. These people are your neighbors. Target or Walmart could be cheaper but you’re helping a local entrepreneur with a dream by shopping local. I had such a wonderful conversation with the owner of Finom, a local coffee shop the other day who is so passionate about helping the less fortunate. His coffee shop is one of my favorites in the area and he has such a cool concept along and learning about how he’s even giving back to the community in such difficult times made me admire him even more.

My Skincare

My skincare routine has become like a daily pamper session for myself. Not only Is it my way of figuring out how to clear up my skin, but its also a way to wind down at the end of the day. I’ve also enjoyed having a couple of no makeup days and plan on also doing that after the shelter in place order is lifted. Being at home I’ve been able to clear out some products and give new options a good test to see what works best for my skin.

Being Compassionate with Myself

The other day my coworker posted a picture that read “Remember you aren’t just working from home. You’re at home, during a crisis trying to work. If you struggle with mental health during this pandemic make sure you give yourself some grace for what you’re going through. Life is filled with ups and downs and it’s the way you treat yourself during those lows that’s so important. Not only has my therapy taught me how to love myself again, and how to communicate with others in my life, but it’s also taught me how to react to those bad days.

My Night Time Routine

All the days seem to blur together and I lose track of what day it is so quickly but my nighttime routine is something I look forward to every single night, my nightly face mask, washing my face, brushing my teeth and getting into bed to do my Spanish lesson and then listen to some calming music. The consistency of this routine is so relaxing and helps me relax my mind from the day. This also usually is when my anxiety goes into overdrive and I start my obsessive thinking and worrying so having this routine to take my mind away from my thoughts and it feels good to do something for myself each night.

Continuing to Foster New Hobbies

Before coronavirus, I was very active, I worked downtown and had a 30-minute commute to and from work, I would then either walk to run errands or I would take a workout class. But with all this extra personal time I’ve been able to explore new outlets and passions, I only talked about. As I mentioned I’ve been teaching myself Spanish something I have been telling myself I would do for the better part of a year. It’s so rewarding to see the lessons become easier and the words come back to me faster, I also picked up my ukulele, another hobby I talked about doing for years now… although challenging it’s been fun to try to learn an instrument. Because I can’t shoot with my photographer friends due to social distancing I’ve also had to reacquaint myself with my camera and it’s actually brought me so much joy. I’ve loved the challenge of shooting from home and even rearranged my room to get these shots.

Regular Walks

Exercise and fresh air have probably been the hardest for me to come by. For many weeks I was uncertain of the rules so I aired on the side of caution and probably only went out like once or twice a week to get groceries and then I went immediately home. But I’ve realized getting those extra steps in helps me sleep and getting out and moving is so good for you. I usually will take a short walk around my block and even started running which has been surprisingly enjoyable. I know when we’re able to resume fitness classes and I’m able to go back to work I’ll be walking a lot more but I do want to continue to be conscious of getting out and being active outside regularly and not spending my entire weekends at home.

Communicating with Friends and Loved Ones

Living alone is tough especially during a pandemic when the majority of your week is spent in your home alone. I’ve made an effort to make sure I reach out and check in on my friends and loved ones regularly, and when I can FaceTime. Most days I make sure to call at least one person and of course, I text many friends throughout the day. It’s so important to stay connected and I am so grateful technology allows us to do that so easily.

Meditation or Morning Workouts

Finally, reconnecting with my body in the morning is so important and has really gotten my day off on the right foot. When I need to go into the office the morning workout will probably be replaced with just meditation because of how long my commute is but getting at least 5 minutes for myself in the morning has been so incredible to wake up my mind. I will typically get out of bed, put on some sweatpants and either sit down on the couch to meditate or I will unroll my yoga mat and do about 15 minutes of quick targeted workouts, my favorite instructors right now are Body By Bailey and Melissa Wood. Just going that little thing for my body and mind in the morning is such a fantastic way to start my day and gets my routine going on the right track.

My shelter in place routine has really revolved around taking care of my mental health, body, relationships as well as being more compassionate for others in my community. These are my top priority and will continue to be after all this is over. What are you planning on continuing after quarantine?


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