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red21In the winter I personally find my style becomes bulkier, and slightly less figuring flattering. I reach for my yoga pants and chunky sweater more often than I probably should. After adding a sweater, scarf, and heavy coat I’ve definitely got the marshmallow vibes. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for feeling a little bit more put together while you dress for winter.

red15First, focus on lines, it’s all about picking styles and cuts that accentuate your figure.  Whatever you do, in the winter you want to make sure they style itself is very simple because you will be paring it with so many layers you don’t want the look to be too buys.

Number 2, and I know this maybe a dangerous one if you live in an area (like myself) with a ton of ice and snow.  But heels will ALWAYS make any outfit look flawless.  Even on the iciest of days I wear a pair of boots and then when I get to the office I pop on my favorite pair of heels.  A pair of heels makes your legs look so long and lean.  My favorite look is a cute sweater dress with black opaque tights and a pair of black heels.


Next, since you’re covering up your outfit with you go outside in order to look very put together is to maintain your manicure. How cute is a flawless cherry red manicure peeping out of some fingerless gloves during the holiday season.  To keep my manicure flawless I make sure to refresh it every week to 2 weeks, I also always use a top coat.  My current favorites are the OPI and Essie top coats they really do last longer than most drugstore tops.  I also recently rediscovered the Jamberry trend.  These nail foils are so fantastic and really last a long time.  I apply them and then run one of my top coats over top to keep the foil in place.
red12Speaking of outerwear, this is probably the only thing I look forward to in the winter.  I am very fond of my jacket collection and layering in this season.  But with the layering, like I mentioned, you tend to feel quite bulky so finding a jacket that fits your figure is also really important to looking put together in the winter. If you live in milder climates a cute bomber jacket is the perfect winter outerwear. I love how the hit at the waist and never look to bulky. If your winter includes 5 feet of snow like my own something a little longer is the only option I find something that belts at the waist gives you a fantastic waist line and makes you look less boxy.  My beautiful burgundy wool coat by Steve Madden I got from ModCloth a few years ago has done me so well.  The belt around the waist gives the cut of a the coat an almost skirt like look and it also lengthens in the back which I totally love. I know I will continue to get years of use out of this coat.


With the winds and snow of winter your make up is is vulnerable. I find my beautiful and almost symmetrical winged eyeliner being cried off from my eyes being stung by the winds of winter. This season, to keep my make up in place and a setting spray will be the most important part of my routine.  Of course I absolutely love the Urban Decay setting spray, it’s so fine and fresh and definitely keeps my make up set all day.  But for a more reasonable price tag, the  L’Oreal Paris Infallible setting spray is the perfect alternative.

Finally, if all else fails throw on a big pair of sunnies and call it a day.  I know everyone has those days where you just don’t want to adult. Well a gorgeous pair of sunglasses gives you the mystery and allows you to also be lazy.

How do you look your best in the winter months?



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