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It’s finally May!  And with a new month comes some new favorites from the previous month.  This month was very focused on protection and taking care of myself.  With summer right around the corner I want to make sure I’m taking good care of myself with my daily routines. So with that in mind here are some items I’ve been loving in the month of April.


I want to start with some beauty products I’ve been loving this month. First would have to be the NIA Fully Charged Serum X Moisturizer.  As I mentioned last month I recently discovered the NIA (Not Into Aging) brand and am really loving their Tech Neck Smoother.  But I’ve also included their Serum into my routine.  It is so light and dries super quickly.  I love wearing it under my daily moisturizer and foundation for an extra layer of moisture.  If you haven’t tried the NIA products you should definitely look into it.  As a woman in her 20s I have been really focused on keeping my skin looking young and vibrant and NIA is a great brand to help.


Next, along with taking care of my skin I’ve been really focused on protecting and growing my hair stronger and healthier.  So I’ve been trying out products for heat protecting and recently found Beauty Protector and their Protect and Detangle spray and I’m obsessed.  It’s a paraben and sulfate free detangler which I think is so cool to have in a heat protector.  I spray it in my hair after my shower and it makes brushing my hair so easy. It also minimizes frizz and has a UV protectant in it.  This spray makes my hair look so soft and shiny and it makes me feel so good to know it’s helping protect my hair from all the styling and summer sun.


Finally in beauty I am living in the Stila Biscotti Stay All Day liquid lipstick. The 90s are a live and well in my everyday make up routine. Now, I love me a good bright lip color but recently the darker brow nude has been my go to.  I love how fresh it looks with a little edge.


To compliment my 90s inspired make up routine, my fashion choices have also been a nod to the 90s.  On the colder day I’ve been living in my favorite oversized jean jacket.  I think they are such a fun and laid back trend.  They make such an easy outer layer and what I love most is that you can really make them your own.  I’ve been loving decorating my jean jacket with patches and pins to show my personal style.


Along with jean jackets I think I’ve also been living in my Hunter Wellies.  They are so versatile for those rainy days and I love dressing really casual and throwing them on and they even look cute with a cute dress.  Definitely a staple for me this spring.


Next, in a more miscellaneous category and to get back to the personal care trend I have been obsessed with Hum Nutrition.  This is a monthly subscription for personal vitamins and is super easy to customize.  Hum’s vitamins are vegan, gluten free, and all natural.  They have vitamins for weigh loss, stress relief, to help promote sleep, and give you energy.  If you use the code 11D31B you can get $10 off your first order!  If you want to learn more about my results and what vitamins I’ve been using I’ll be doing another post with more details.


I’ve also been listening to a lot of music this month too and planning a lot of concert adventures.  One band that’s been on every playlist I’ve been creating is Astro Lasso.  Two members of a band I knew in high school and college decided to try out a new sound and Astro Lasso was born.  They have a really unique sound but it’s totally radio friendly and is incredibly catchy.  They are perfect for any summer day, driving around with the windows down.


Finally, 13 Reasons Why has been talked about all month and of course I was one of the many who decided to watch this controversial show.  I had read the book when I was in high school so seeing that they turned it into a tv series I was really intrigued and I personally think they did quite a good job addressing something no one else is willing to talk about. So many of the episodes jumped feet first into issues faced by so many high school students.  School bullying, depression and mental illness is something that tv shows toy with the idea of but will never address it in head on, until now.  I think 13 Reasons Why is going to be a great opening for others to address these topics.  I think there are somethings 13 Reasons Why was very bold in addressing that might hurt people who struggle with self injury or suicidal thoughts but like Hannah so often the person is left to (or feels like they are left to) handle these feelings alone. I think one thing 13 Reasons Why didn’t address and what they should have mentioned more is that if you have these feelings you aren’t alone.  There are people who care and avenues for support. Communities like To Write Love On Her Arms or even Suicide Hotlines can be a great and knowledgable resource. People who have these feelings should know that suicide isn’t the only option they have.  I really loved this show and the message it started getting out there.

Did you see 13 Reasons Why?  What shows were you watching this month?




  1. May 1, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Love the hunter look! Happy may babe, hope it’s filled with lots of sunshine and success.

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