August Favorites

august16As an ode to summer, I have decided to do a little August or summer favorites. I know I am no good at putting these together on a monthly basis but I never know if you guys enjoy them or not. I am definitely trying to work on my confidence in front of the camera get a filming set up so I can build my Youtube channel, but for now, the blog has to be where my sporadic monthly favorites live.  In the comments would you all please tell me if you enjoy reading these or if you would rather see them on Youtube?  Do you want other influencers favorites videos?

august4Blue shampoo – As you know the way I get my cooler locks is by using toner shampoo for the longest time I swore by purple shampoo and it really helps if you’re blonde to keep your strands an icy tone but recently I did some research and found for my darker blonde shade a blue shampoo was the better way to get the color I want. I picked up the Joico Shampoo and it was seriously life changing.  If you are looking for a more neutral tone in your hair I would highly recommend working this into your hair care routine at least once a week.



august17Renaissance Pallet– I know that this is a bit of an older product and that Anastasia Beverlyhills just came out with their follow up to this but I have to be honest when it first came out I kind of over looked it and I’m really gutted I did.  Right now I am obsessed with this palette.  It’s a little big for travel but I feel like I always reach for it and think it really is the perfect everyday palette especially with Autumn basically upon us. If you haven’t had an opportunity to try this baby out it is mostly composed of matte shades and has I think 3 really shimmery and 1 kind of shimmery shade.  They are mostly browns with orange, reds, and pinks.  I never saw myself using pink shades that often but I’m obsessed with them.  I really love using it as a pop of color with a burgundy eyeliner it looks really cool and edgy.  I think this is the pallet for fall for sure.

august11Denim Jacket – Summer ends and the jackets come out.  And as I mentioned my fall come back jacket will always be the trench but this year I have been also reaching for my favorite denim jacket.  I think they are such a great piece to make any outfit a little more casual, I also love spicing them up with different patches and pins to give your look a little personality!

aov8rzjd_xk-market_maxresYounger – In terms of entertainment, I have been LOVING the TVland show Younger.  It’s about a 40-year-old woman who divorces her husband and realizes she basically has to start her life over again.  So she moves to NYC to live with her girlfriend and looks for a job in publishing but realizes that it’s dominated by a younger generation so she pretends to be 26 to start her career.  It stars the beautiful Sutton Foster and every 90s girl’s idol Hilary Duff.  The outfits are chic, and the humor is witty.  I highly recommend everyone check it out, my boyfriend even started watching it with me.

The Love Bomb & Lady Gang- I think I’ve mentioned podcasts before in a past monthly favorites but I’ve been really enjoying them still, I’ll turn one on for my commute to and from work when I take the dog for a walk and even at the gym.  I feel like I can do a lot more cardio listening to a podcast rather than music.  Two more lifestyle style podcasts I’ve been loving lately are The Love Bomb and The Lady Gang. I stumbled upon the Love Bomb actually because of Younger, actor and most beautiful man in the world Nico Tortorella plays Josh on the show and created this podcast to talk about sexuality and relationships.  He brings people he knows on to talk about their lives and struggles to find themselves in life.  It’s touching and some of the stories are so personal and moving I’m completely addicted.  The Lady Gang is a little bit more light-hearted it’s voiced by three lovely and talented women Jac Vanek, Myspace Queen, I loved her in my high school days, TV personality Keltie Knight, and actress Beecca Toben.  Their episode with Ru Paul really hooked me.  They’re funny, silly, and talk about every topic under the sun.

Ankle Weights – This one may confuse you but hear me out.  I have been really into working out and being a little more active.  Sitting at a desk all day, it’s so nice to get to the gym and get a little sweat in.  I’m also not much for heavy weight lifting.  As a pretty petite girl I like to tone rather than bulk, but when I added ankle weights into my routine it made a huge difference.  Doing simple routines that were starting to feel mundane immediately felt hard again.  If you’re looking for a little boost in your routine get some ankle weights added to your HIIT routines.

august10Amanda Deer Chokers – I was honestly a little worried about the choker trend this summer, I feel like the 90s tattoo chokers had left the scene and I really feel like I wasn’t seeing many of the black cord chokers I was in the winter and spring, but I think chokers are making their comeback in a fresh new way.  As I mentioned in my layering post this is by far my favorite trend and a layered look really isn’t finished without a dainty metal choker.  Instead of the dark fabrics switch it up with a silver or gold.  I found this brand Amanda Deer on Instagram and was immediately in love with her designs.  She had beautiful dainty necklaces simple designs and some covered in stars and moons which I absolutely adore.

IMG_0054One piece swimsuits- I know this is a bit of an odd addition but I felt with August still being warm I had to add it but I was loving my one piece swimsuits this summer.  They really made a serious comeback this season and I was onboard.  The fit can never be unflattering and you don’t have to worry about eating that third slice of pizza before hitting the beach. But I also feel like you can also hold on to this trend for at least the beginning of fall.  Now stay with me here but wearing your favorite swimsuit as a bodysuit is my favorite closet hack.  This year’s swimsuits were daring with a really deep cut that they make the perfect sexy bodysuit.  Tuck one into a pair of skinny jeans and throw on a pair of booties, or heels and a leather jacket and you’ve got a dance floor ready look.




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