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Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I for one felt like I didn’t stop moving I did squeeze in some time in the sun which was much needed. So today’s post is dedicated to the items that have lived in my beach back all weekend.  flatlay1.jpg

First, of course you need a cute towel or blanket for a day out at the beach. My Marimekko Target towel is by far my favorite, its so oversized and so soft.  I have also had my eye on these round towels and blankets for a day at the beach.hat5

When summer comes round I feel like I read quit a bit more, sitting in the sun with a good book just seems like the perfect thing to do, so of course a book is definitely on my list and Me Before You is my current obsession. If you need some inspiration my summer reading list has some great suggestions.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve really realized the importance of protecting your skin in the summer.  Not only does too much sun exposure cause wrinkles (eek!) but it also is very dangerous to your health and of course can cause skin cancer.  I used to be one to try to get so red knowing that in a few hours I’d be tan.  But now I think keeping your skin healthy and creating a summer glow in alternative ways is just as simple. So recently I have been wearing a very wide brim hat when sitting out in the sun, not only does it give my book some shade while I’m reading but it also keeps the sun off my face.



To keep with the trend of skin protection I have also started making sure I wear and reapply sunscreen all day while I’m in the sun.  I love the Neutrogena Clear Face it’s not greasy and keeps my face clear.  One part of your body that I think gets forgotten when sitting in the sun is your lips, people tend to forget the skin on your lips is pretty sensitive and should also be protected. I am in love with the Dior Addict Lip Glow, it has such perfect hydration and gives your lips a beautiful wash of color while protecting them from the sun.


While protecting you should also hydrate your body.  Because the sun and heat can take a lot out of you, even with minimal movement you should replenish the fluids lost on a hot day. I love to carry around a cute water bottle with me everywhere I go in the summer.
beachhat1And of course you must come prepared with your biggest pair of sunnies.  I feel like in the summer the bigger the better is always my motto.  Also a cover up is something that I’ve recently been really conscious of throwing in my bag before heading out the door.  A cute kimono is a great option if you’re looking for something really easy.  Simply toss it on over your bikini top and a pair of high waisted shorts for a cute outfit that can even take you into the evening.

Finally, a list of all my favorite essentials wouldn’t be completely without a swimsuit of course.  Weather it’s a bikini or a one piece of course this is essential for a day out at the beach!  I am so in love with my beautiful Triangl bikini but of course Target and even brands like Adore Me have been trying their hand at creating really cute swimsuits that are just a little more affordable.


What do you also pack for a day at the beach?



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