Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make A Little Cash

From concerts to weekend getaways, drinks on rooftops and even date nights at delicious restaurants around the city. Summer can put a strain on your budget. So that’s why I’ve taken to taking on some side hustles to make sure I can afford all the fun to be had around the city. Along with a full time 9 to 5, blogging and content creation for my own enjoyment these side jobs fit seamlessly into my life so I can make some extra cash.

Poshmark Closet

Being a blogger I get and go through a lot of clothes, I try to keep my outfits on-trend and relevant so you can get ideas for your outfits. But with that comes an extensive wardrobe… I have three closets in my apartment and they are all filled with clothes and shoes I’ve collected. So occasionally I will do a deep clean of my apartment and Marie Kondo the crap out of my wardrobe. Evaluate if something will be something I can wear next season or even the following summer. From there I take to my Poshmark and Depop closets to work their magic. I will photograph all the pieces I want to get rid of on a hanger and pull photos from shoots as a reference of what the pieces look like on and then I will write a fun description and list them online. This side hustle is so easy because that’s all you have to do, then you just wait for your items to sell. You can like and share other people’s pieces to inturn get more eyes on your closet but if you don’t have time you can just let your closet do the work. Just make sure your descriptions are thorough and your photos are well lit and appealing. I like the hang my items on a blank white wall or do a flat lay as a way to show how to style the pieces. I find brighter images do better and sell quicker.

Rover Dog Walker

Another really easy and fun side job is being a Rover dog sitter or walker. I am lucky enough to live in a building that allows pets but I don’t think I’m ready for the responsibility of my own dog so Rover is a fantastic way to get my dog fix and make some money. I set my calendar for the days I’m available and owners will reach out to me to watch their dogs! I can decline dog breeds or lengths of stay. You can even set your profile to do daycare, walking and even in-home visits where you check on the pets at their homes. Lately, this has been my favorite way to make money and getting a fuzzy face in my apartment is exciting when you live alone.

Rent Your Car with Turo

If you live in the city and have a car you can rent your car out to others through Turo. Similar to Rover, you create a profile for your car, list when your car is available and rent it out to people to use. It’s super easy and if you’re living in the city and can use public transportation most days it’s a way to keep your car running and make some money.

Create an Online Course or Webinar

As a blogger and in my five years of working in SEO I have learned so much about digital marketing, and specifically influencer marketing so why not use that information I’ve learned and pass it along to others. Creating an online course or webinar for your passion is a great way to share your passions with others.


If four-legged friends aren’t your forte, maybe you can give child sitting a shot. Create a profile on sites like and help out families who need someone to take care of their children. If you babysat as a kid it’s just like riding a bike.

Sell Technical Skills on Upwork

Having great technical skills like graphic design, web design or even copywriting can come in handy and make you some money. Sites like Upwork allow you to list your specialized skills and helps you match with people who need your help. If you enjoy writing blog posts or creating this is a great way to make connections and share your skills.

How do you make extra money? Have you tried any of these options?


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