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I think subscription services are a great way to get a chance to try new things. Every month you get mail and something new for your daily routine. I love trying new things and I feel like subscription services allow you to step outside your comfort zone. I also find that I get the best customer service from many of the subscription companies which I think is fantastic and keeps me loyal to the brand.  So here are a few companies that I stand behind for creating great products, and have a real understanding of their target audience.


Rent the Runway: Ok, so I know many of you have seen my post about Rent the Runway, but what you may not know is that just last year they launched their Monthly Membership. For $139 a month (don’t worry this includes shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance) You can rent whatever you want.  They have formal dresses, more casual pieces, separates, handbags and accessories.  Essentially as a blogger or even any fashion lover, you have a revolving closet at your fingertips. As I mentioned in my previous post I have never had an issue with RTR and their customer service is outstanding.  If there is something wrong with your order they will rush deliver a replacement before your event.  They carry amazing designers and every dress I’ve rented I feel fit like it was made for me.


BootyBag: I recently partnered with Booty Bag to test out their product and I’m completely hooked!  For all my ladies who love a good Victoria’s Secret panty sale, this is even better.  For $12 a month, you get two cute panties right to your door.  You also get to choose if you want to receive cheeky or thongs or a mix.  Their underwear is really cute and is great quality.


Birtchbox: If you haven’t tried the beauty subscription boxes yet or because there are so many out there haven’t decided which one to choose, I have to say Birtchbox is a great choice.  I’ve tried a couple other beauty boxes but I have never felt they really gave me products that were truly my style, or a range of products I could use.  But Birtchbox get is right.  You take the quiz and they take that information to curate your boxes like the others but I think they give you a nice selection of products and many of the things I’ve received either fill a gap I was missing in my beauty routine or answer a problem I was having with my current routine. I haven’t received a product that I haven’t liked yet.  What I also love about Birtchbox is that they also give you the option to make some of your own selections.  Each month they give you the choice to pick their curated box.  You can see what you’re getting and that’s that.  They also allow you to pick one item in the box that way you know you’re going to love at least one.  I personally have let them curate my box each month because I like the surprise and they haven’t disappointed.


Netflix: The OG of entertainment subscription. I truly love Netflix.  My favorite weekend activity when it’s dreary out is to binge watch my favorite television shows and write blog posts.  Not only is their selection of movies and shows amazing I also am loving their Netflix Originals.  As I mentioned before Thirteen Reasons Why was emotion and showed the ugly truth of high school bullying.  I have also loved Series of Unfortunate Events bringing to life my favorite childhood book to life.  Orange Is the New Black was well received and they have some hilarious stand-up specials.


HUM: As I mentioned in my review, I love HUM. I’m terrible at taking vitamins, for the longest time I could never remember but these make it easy because of how good I feel when I take them.  I’m obsessed with Skinny Bird, which is supposed to boost your metabolism, and cut down on snacking.

Do you have a favorite subscription service?


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