Best Swimsuit Trends for Petite Figures

I’m holding on to swimsuit season for dear life. Even though the beaches in Chicago are closed, that hasn’t stopped me from visiting my favorite neighborhood park for a little summer sun. My number one goal in a swimsuit is to look like a six-foot tall supermodel and as a petite woman that’s not really attainable. But I have found some swimsuit styles or trends that I have been loving that make anyone look like they have mile-long legs and should be walking down a runway.

High Waist

I even said in my summer trends, you all know I LIVE in high waisted bottoms. It is the holy grail of bottoms for petite women so of course this trend also comes into swimwear. When you wear things with a high waist it gives the illusion of your waist being higher and your legs being longer.

High Cut Hips

Now, this trend… this is a serious game changer! For all us little ladies with little legs, a high hip cut is your BEST friend I’m talking that splendid trend from the 80s with the super high hipline that cuts up to your hipbone. Again, this trend elongates your legs and makes them look miles long. I am personally so happy this trend is back and can’t get enough.

One Piece

I think one-piece swimsuits are super underrated. I think there is something so sexy about a cute one-piece suit. Gone are the days of the grandma-style one piece, there are so many with plunging necklines, with the high hip cut, cute cut-outs, or prints. One-piece swimsuits also give your torso a the illusion of length. Pair this trend with the hip cut and hellooooo Baywatch lifeguard!

Verticle Lines

I’ve talked about how verticle lines can elongate your body before, so this trend is definitely a no brainer. I love getting suits with blue and white stripes for a nautical look which is so cute.


I have a couple of swimsuits with belt details on them and I think it’s so fun. Again this gives you a defined waist that you can place higher to elongate your legs.

Wrap Top

Wrap tops are perfect for my hourglass petites because it really accentuates your already beautiful waistline. I also love them because it creates a unique cut out situation and gives you a triangle top with enough coverage and support

Deep V Neckline

This trend is the perfect one-piece trend if you want your torso to look a little longer. I think a deep v in a one-piece is the perfect way to add a little bit of maturity and show some skin.

What is your favorite summer swimsuit trend right now?



  1. January 10, 2024 / 6:56 am

    I appreciate how you’ve celebrated petite figures without conforming to stereotypes. It’s not about limitations; it’s about embracing our uniqueness. Your positive vibes are contagious, and it’s evident that your goal is to make every petite person feel fabulous in their swimwear. Can’t wait to rock these trends with confidence. Thanks for being our swimsuit fairy godmother! 🌟👙

    • January 10, 2024 / 2:05 pm

      Hi Kelly! Thank you so much!

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