August Favorites

august16As an ode to summer, I have decided to do a little August or summer favorites. I know I am no good at putting these together on a monthly basis but I never know if you guys enjoy them or not. I am definitely trying to work on my confidence in front of the camera get a filming set up so I can build my Youtube channel, but for now, the blog has to be where my sporadic monthly favorites live.  In the comments would you all please tell me if you enjoy reading these or if you would rather see them on Youtube?  Do you want other influencers favorites videos? Continue reading


Hair Goals


One thing I definitely take a lot of pride in is my hair.  I take really good care of it and love learning on how to make it stronger healthier and the color I want. So here are a couple tips I have found that works for my hair I am in no way a licensed cosmetologist nor have I taken any classes on the subject.   Continue reading

6 product make up look


Summer comes and I think my makeup routine seems to get really simplified.  There’s no need for a heavy contour or strong smokey eye, I find myself picking up my eyeliner less and really don’t put on much foundation.  Not only does this cut down on the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning but it also cuts down on the products I’m taking on a trip this summer so today I’ve put together a makeup look that requires just 6 easy products.  This has been my go-to look this summer and I love how glowy and bronzed it is. Continue reading

Best Subscription Services


I think subscription services are a great way to get a chance to try new things. Every month you get mail and something new for your daily routine. I love trying new things and I feel like subscription services allow you to step outside your comfort zone. I also find that I get the best customer service from many of the subscription companies which I think is fantastic and keeps me loyal to the brand.  So here are a few companies that I stand behind for creating great products, and have a real understanding of their target audience. Continue reading

April Favorites


It’s finally May!  And with a new month comes some new favorites from the previous month.  This month was very focused on protection and taking care of myself.  With summer right around the corner I want to make sure I’m taking good care of myself with my daily routines. So with that in mind here are some items I’ve been loving in the month of April. Continue reading

Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is just around the corner, even though the feet of snow we got in two days would like to say otherwise.  I think other than the warmth of summer, spring might be my favorite season. Its a season of change a season of fresh starts. I love to take some time each spring to clean out my closet and most importantly my make up drawers.  Today I want to share my process of freshening up my style for the warmer months. Continue reading