What I’ve learned from Blogging



About this time 2 years ago I decided to really take blogging seriously.  I was working a job that I was feeling beat down and uninspired by.  At my job, I spent all day looking at other peoples blogs and connecting with them and one day I just decided I wanted to create something to inspire and connect with others who have similar interests as myself.   So I just started writing, it started with my favorite influencers, to my favorite makeup, to things I was wearing in the fall, I’ve learned how to edit photos and working on a timeline. These past 2 years have been so incredible and I feel so lucky to have learned so many things a traditional career could never teach.

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August Favorites

august16As an ode to summer, I have decided to do a little August or summer favorites. I know I am no good at putting these together on a monthly basis but I never know if you guys enjoy them or not. I am definitely trying to work on my confidence in front of the camera get a filming set up so I can build my Youtube channel, but for now, the blog has to be where my sporadic monthly favorites live.  In the comments would you all please tell me if you enjoy reading these or if you would rather see them on Youtube?  Do you want other influencers favorites videos? Continue reading

To My College Self

blue3I can’t believe it’s back to school season already, this felt like the shortest summer ever.  In honor of people going back to school I kind of feel the need to give a little advice to particularly the people going off to college, whether it’s your freshman year or senior year these are things I wish I had either heard from someone or listened to when I got the advice (sorry Mum!), so to my younger self here’s a little advice.

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4th of July Style Guide


Even though we have had nothing but rain for the last few weeks it is officially summer. It’s finally time to celebrate our beautiful country’s independence with the 4th of July. Now, along with fireworks and delicious food this is is a great holiday to pull out your best red, white and blue.  So today I pulled together some of my favorite outfit inspirations and pieces for the perfect festive look. Continue reading

How to Be and Stay Creative


Sometimes you can feel like your life is rather mundane.  You get up, shower, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed, repeat.  I think something that I really try to do is after my day at work to do something creative or to use my mind in a different way.  That’s why I love blogging so much because it gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively.  So today I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay inspired and to flex those creative muscles.  Continue reading

Best Subscription Services


I think subscription services are a great way to get a chance to try new things. Every month you get mail and something new for your daily routine. I love trying new things and I feel like subscription services allow you to step outside your comfort zone. I also find that I get the best customer service from many of the subscription companies which I think is fantastic and keeps me loyal to the brand.  So here are a few companies that I stand behind for creating great products, and have a real understanding of their target audience. Continue reading

My Favorite Girl Bosses


Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to grow this brand.  I love my blog, I love you, my readers and I love writing and creating that I want it to be more than just a weekend hobby.  I want to reach and inspire even more people.  So recently I’ve been looking too great and inspiring women to guide my journey to growth.  So today I wanted to share some of the #GirlBosses that are really giving me the confidence and guidance to reach my goals. Continue reading