Christmas Season Checklist

Hello guys and dolls, if you didn’t know I love the Christmas season! Other than the freezing cold weather in Central New York the clothes, the decorations, and the entertainment around this season really are magical. This is my checklist of Christmas season musts.

See a Nutcracker Ballet

I was a dancer for 19 years and ever year this was the recital time we always got excited about (The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy will always give me chills). The Nutcracker is such a magical story that can really get anyone into the holiday spirit. Since I no longer dance I have made it a tradition to try to see a performance of the Nutcracker every December. Because it’s such a classic story every dancer loves I’m sure you and your family can find a performance by your local dancers (which is sometimes the best performances) Get all dressed up and see a ballet this year!

Watch all the classic Holiday Movies


The Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, Here Comes Santa Clause, and White Christmas, these are my all time favorite classics.  Heartwarming tales that are best enjoyed with family and a cup of peppermint hot cocoa.  The best part is so many of them are less than $10 at Target this season! My family had all these classics on VHS when I was a kid and I would watch them over and over again well into February. Now I’ve purchased them for my own collection on DVD to treasure.

Create a Christmas playlist


As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently created my own Christmas playlist and it’s been all I listen to at work.  My dad used to make them when we were kids and play all the CDs when we opened presents and made dinner.  Now with players like Spotify any song you could dream of is available for you to create a list of your favorite Christmas hits.  If you don’t want to put in the work Spotify has also been so kind as to create lists by genres!

Make Christmas Cookies


No mug of hot cocoa is complete without a cute sugar cookie in the shape of Rudolph or Santa sitting on a plate next to it.  Making cookies with my mom and sister is something that brings me joy every December. There are so many simple and there are so many fun recipes you can try on Pinterest!

Go Ice Skating!

ice rink

Last but certainly not least I love to go outdoor ice skating this time of year.  Every December Syracuse floods one of the fountains downtown and creates an ice rink.  With the city all around and the giant Christmas tree at the end of the rink it’s just oozing with Christmas spirit.

What are your favorite traditions around the holidays?



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