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Coachella is the unofficial start to summer, I feel I look to Coachella to really set the tone for summer trends and I’m definitely not hating what I’m seeing from Coachella 2017.  First, and a little unrelated to the post but, I have to give Oh Wonder a nod for being such a stellar band and making the lineup!  If you’ve never heard of them give them a listen.  Now, let’s get into the trends I can’t wait to try myself this summer.

chella23Festival Hair, Don’t Care: braids and space buns were all over Coachella (probably because it was really hot) but I think these will be worn all summer.  Braids, of course, are a great way to get your hair off your neck and you can really do so much with them, pin them on top of your head for a milkmaid look, do a fishtail on the side or even in two braids, I have been loving the mohawk braids as well, the possibilities are really endless. I think Space Buns are probably the trend I’m most excited about.  I think they are so cute and really fun to make your look more playful.  Do only half up, french braid into them.  This will probably become my 3-day old hairstyle.


chella7Cover Me in Glitter: Sticking with hair I also think glitter roots are going to be huge for summer parties and concerts.  I love this trend with space buns or the mohawk braids as I mentioned before.  They really give those styles a little more magic. This trend is not only funky and magical but it can also be super cheap and easy to DIY.

Unicorn IRL: Glitter roots are just the tip of the unicorn vibes iceberg. For summer I think the more shimmer the better.  Last year it was all about the strong highlight and I think this year it’s been kicked up a notch. For festivals, everyone will be all about the body glitter.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am OBSESSED with the Mr. Kate Freckles and I think this will be a staple this summer.  She has so many magical styles and colors now that if you don’t have a pack and are planning to attend summer concerts or BBQs get some now. To go along with the temporary body bedazzling, BodyBauble also makes some awesome face jewels.  They have fun stones you can put under or over your eyes to give anyone all the gypsy vibes, and bonus you don’t have to be creative, they have put all the designs together for quick and easy application.


chella12Crochet all day: The 70s continue to live on through Coachella fashion and this year it’s all about the crochet.  I am living for the white crochet dresses, and halter tops I’ve been seeing at Coachella.  It’s such a feminine trend that is so perfect for summer.  Brands like Show Me Your Mumu and House of Harlow are killing this 70s vixen style.

Hats Hats Hats: If you know me at all you know I’m a big fan of a good hat and I’m so excited to see all the different styles of hats that have been hitting the desert this year. Of course, a good flat brim hat should be in any closet and your beach hat (check out my DIY for your own Eugina Kim hat), these two are classics but I’ve recently been loving the Fiddler, it’s giving me so many Beatles and more of the 70s vibes I can’t get enough of.  I also think the Cadet hats are a great upgrade to your baseball caps.  Instead of wearing a cap with some MLB team on it these hats are just a little more fashion forward and so versatile.

Multifunctional Fashion: I’ve moving how this year it’s becoming more acceptable to wear swimwear and bodysuits in most social situations.  I’m loving the lace bodysuit trend and I’ve been seeing so many swimsuits doubling as a cute cut-out bodysuit.  For the more risque fashionista, the lingerie bodysuits have been a big trend and are perfect with a cute skirt, trouser, or jean short.  Just make sure you don’t go too skimpy on the bottom remember less isn’t always more.

What Coachella trend are you loving?


Details: Top // Jeans // Ring // Necklace (Similar) //  Bag // Strap


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