Dealing with Writer's Block & Stress of the Holidays

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Honestly, I’ve been kind of dreading the start of December… I talk about mental health a lot on Dollface Diaries and staying in tune with your needs and not pressuring yourself too much. But I will admit I’m not always the best at taking my own advice, and this is one of those times. I’ve been having the worst writer’s block trying to come up with unique content around the holidays. I was behind on creating gift guides and didn’t know if that was something you all find value in, and while you’re honest I barely had ideas for my specific loved ones so I felt like these lists would become generic and not useful.

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Even outside of being a blogger the holidays can oftentimes be so stressful, with the extra expenses of gifts, holiday parties and even travel like me and my family is doing. We’re headed to Spain in a couple of weeks and I’ve been trying to get all my posts written before we leave so I can be present while I’m there, so even if you’re also dealing with writer’s block or just simply feeling overwhelmed with the holidays I feel like taking a step back and taking time for yourself can make a world of a difference and help you rest.

So this week’s blog post sort of was the missing piece to my preholiday content that I just couldn’t quite nail down. So instead of just scrapping the week or getting super frustrated, I asked a friend for help. Just like when you’re dealing with a bad day and need to ask for help blogging is the same. I didn’t know what to write about so I asked my wonderful Bianca for help. I like to think my friends are still my blog’s audience so taking notes from my audience is a great way to not only get fresh ideas but to also tap into what you all would be interested in reading. One of my many goals for 2020 is to tap into your wants and needs and see how I can fill some kind of void for all of you with Dollface Diaries.

dealing with stress of the holidays
photography with flash

Another way I deal with writer’s block and stressful times is to take a class. I talk about ClassPass all the time but I love being able to try new studios around the city and find classes for times that fit into my busy schedule. Without it, I would have never found Zen Yoga Garage and my incredible friend and instructor Jennifer Le Vine. When I’m feeling down or stressed I love to take myself to a barre class. I get a good sweat in and stretch out my body. Jennifer talked about letting go of tensions and stress as an intention recommendation tonight and I took it. I stopped thinking about this blog post, all the things I wanted to do this month and next year, even what I was going to make for dinner. I let it all go and for that 50 minutes was present with my body, staying focused on the movement of my muscles. Barre and yoga are such a great way to reset your mind refocus and reconnect to your intentions in life. If you are in Chicago I seriously can’t recommend Jennifer or Zen more.

If working out really isn’t your thing (believe me, I totally get it, it definitely wasn’t mine for MANY years) instead of just staring at your computer screen or phone for hours waiting for something to come to you. I highly suggest reading, cleaning or even doing something else that’s creative. Try to loosen ideas by drawing or editing photos. Take a step away and let things come naturally.

dealing with writer's block
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I also think just sitting down and being vulnerable is a great way to cure writer’s block. I constantly have to check myself and make sure I’m being my most authentic self on Instagram and even here. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows. The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of emotions and stress for me. Some days have been fun-filled with so much joy and other’s have been low, I’ve cried and not wanted to get out of bed. But sharing these moments I think not only are cathartic but also help you understand who I am. I created this blog to be an extension of myself. It started as a place for me to share the clothing I love and my thoughts on beauty products I’ve tried. But over the years I feel like it’s evolved into a place where I can also share my feelings in hopes it helps someone else.

I need to remember to open up more and just simply share my thoughts more often. Instead of just tips or reviews, and style inspiration I think I want to bring even more of myself into my writing. My 2020 goals are lofty I have so much to plan and do but I seriously can’t wait to continue this journey with you all and to share so much more. So I guess I will say thank you for sticking with me, or if you’re new thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll stick around and continue to be a part of this diary.


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