Dear Instagram…

Now don’t get me wrong, I find myself on Instagram more often than any other social media platform.  I love scrolling through pictures of puppies, makeup videos, recipes, and pictures of beautiful girls in gorgeous outfits in the most picturesque locations.  But although these photos are beautiful to look at you have to take a step back and realize 

Instagram Detox

It’s so important to not spend all your time scrolling on Instagram.  Although those photos are beautiful they are such a time suck.  Instagram has perfected their algorithm to the point where they are only showing you content they know you’re interested in at that moment so it’s even harder to tear yourself away from the constantly updating thread of photos.  But taking a break every day or even limiting your time on the app is so good for your productivity and mental state. 

Don’t Hate Follow

Jealousy is a vicious monster, I will admit I have followed influencers and then compared myself and my career to theirs in an unhealthy way.  It’s one thing to follow someone you idolize and want to emulate but it’s another to create that competitive comparison to another person on social media.  I have since tried to unfollow accounts that I find skipping their Instagram stories or if I go to their feed and don’t feel inspired by their content.  Even if they are friends if that person isn’t bringing you joy you should get rid of them.

Smoke and Mirrors

Just like not hate following you also need to see through the illusion that is Instagram.  Obviously, people tend to share only the best moments in their lives with their followers. In our world of Online Influencers that couldn’t be truer.  I am also guilty of curating my posts to tell a particular story.  As you’re scrolling through photos of jet-setting models in exotic locations you have to remember they are only showing you a split second peek into their real lives.

Enjoy Your Experiences 

Being born in the early 90s I feel incredibly lucky to have spent my early years without phones and technology.  I know what its like to go to a concert or an event and not feel the need to live stream or post a story of every song.  As an Influencer, we become so wrapped up in social media and sharing our experiences that we lose sight of actually enjoying these experiences for ourselves.  When I go to concerts I like to limit myself to posting one or two videos and taking a couple photos and then putting my phone away in my purse.  Those musicians create the experience for you the person who purchased the ticket, not your followers.  #Latergram your experience and share your thoughts instead.  

Be Authentic

This also goes back to the Influencer Illusion, like I said I’m only following accounts that bring me joy.  Getting an update from a friend across the country or a blogger I’m chasing feels good.  I become inspired to create great content of my own.  But you have to stay true to yourself.  Create content that really captures who you are as a person and you will go far (if Instagram fame is what you’re looking for) be the most authentic version of yourself and people will love you for you. Its exhausting trying to keep up a luxurious life when you don’t actually live that way. Don’t hide who you really are.  

Who inspires you on Instagram?


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