DIY Eugina Kim Hat


All Summer I was on the hunt for the perfect summer beach hat.  One to sit under on a sandy beach with my favorite sunnies and a great book.  But for some reason I kept turning to the Eugina Kim hat and wishing it was a little bit closer to my price range considering I live no where near a sandy beach it just didn’t make sense.  So instead I decided to create my own Eugina Kim inspired hat!  


First I found the saying that I wanted to use.  The internet is filled with beachy puns and silly vacation themed sayings.  I loved the classic and fashion blogger favorite “Do Not Disturb” Then I picked up a very wide brimmed hat.  I think this was the hardest part because I really wanted a hat that was rather stiff and held that movie star shape.  So the one I settled with was a this Nine West Packable Super Floppy Hat.  After finding the perfect hat I picked up some single strand black sequins but from here you can really make the project your own.  Use different colors or even just regular thin ribbon.  My only suggestion is to make sure it’s really thin so your letters can be recognizable.


Once you get all your letters mapped out I pinned mine with a bunch of straight pins to keep it all in place.  And finally, I hot glued mine down but you can also use fabric glue for probably a more secure lettering.    From there you can add a ribbon around the top or even some kind of fun design around the brim.  Really make it your own!






What’s your favorite DIY project from the summer?


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