Do you still need a blog in 2021?

TikTok needs daily content to be successful, Youtube needs 3+ videos, and don’t get me started on the insanity that is creating content for Instagram… so who has time for a blog? And should you even care? My answer is yes, the internet is big enough for you to create your space and have a blog on the world wide web and it will actually help your career.

Build Your Influence

With a blog, you can truly build your influence and your community. More often than not this content is longer-form content that you write, you can share your voice and create a community around the information you know most about. I have always loved fashion and styling outfits, it brings me so much joy and I am addicted to trying new products. I can talk for hours about where to find cute trendy pieces or how to create a timeless wardrobe that allows you to splurge on some trendy items. With my love of trying new beauty products, I can talk for hours about the benefits of different types of sunscreen or why ladies in their 30s should consider adding Hylaronic acid to their daily regime. This is where my influence is, on my blog I can flex this knowledge and set myself up as an expert in this space. With my blog, I can network and connect with other experts in this space and we can create content together to bring high-quality content to our audiences.

This Is Your Space – No fighting algorithms

As I mentioned in the intro, you’re creating at least 6 videos for TikTok, 3 for Youtube, 5 static posts for Instagram, 4 IG reels, 2 IGTV, and daily stories, that’s a hell of a lot of content to be shared with just 10% of your audience. Yes, that’s right on average just 10% of your follower, people who care to see your content are actually being served your post! That’s insane! Also, at any second, the social media platform that you’ve put all your blood, sweat and tears into can all be shut down. Do we remember the names of any of the vine stars?

With a blog, you can create a consistent schedule, let your followers know when you post and they can check in, site’s like WordPress also allows people to get notified when you post and you can also provide your community with a weekly newsletter and guess what, everyone who signs up for these things actually gets the email! With a blog it’s your space, it’s your community and the only algorithm you have to think about is Google…

Search Engine Optimization

This leads me to my next point, S-E-O or search engine optimization. This is so simple and as you’ve thought about your niche, found topics you enjoy talking about there are a few things you can do each week to make sure your posts are written and geared for the highest possible audience. And many blogger platforms or CMS will even make creating things like Page titles, and meta descriptions so easy. But there are also millions of searches being made daily on Google that optimizing your website for Google isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Appealing to people outside your current community
Having a blog also opens you up to so many more people, as I said as you optimize your blog posts and they become indexed in the search engines they have the opportunity to show up in someone new’s search results. With social media platforms, it’s so much more difficult to show up on those For You Pages outside of your current community.

Evergreen Content

With a blog, you can create Evergreen Content or content that will be relevant forever. I think the rules of creating a capsule wardrobe will forever be set in stone. Well, optimized posts on this topic can mature and rise in the search results and lead new followers to your website. On a blog or website, you can also sell personal merch easily, create webinars, and even educational courses in your niche. A blog also makes it easier for brands to find out what you like and products you talk about, rather than having to scroll endlessly through your Instagram feed they can simply use the search function on your site to find relevant posts.

Adding a blog to your plate may seem like a daunting task and you may feel like a small fish in a large ocean but I can assure you that it is a worthy investment if you want to be successful in the influencer space. With just a little optimization, strategic thinking into what you love to talk about most, you can create a tight-knit community on a platform that is all yours. No fighting Instagram algorithms on endless circles of creating mindless content. It’s a great feeling to know your blog is your own and your community is there because they love what you have to say. I encourage everyone to start blogging even in 2021.


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