Don’t just Meal Prep on Sundays

Hello dolls, my boyfriend and I are really trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Cutting out meat from our diet and trying to meal plan a little more effectively. We’re trying to get back into the gym and really just trying to take better care of ourselves.  So on Sundays I’m really loving preparing myself physically and mentally for the week ahead.


First I’ve been loving staying in bed as late as I possibly can, just relaxing with the pup and enjoying the cozy blankets.  Doing a little bit of yoga in the living room has been a great way to start getting your energy flowing.  I found a great flexibility yoga poses infographic on Pinterest that has been really great for my aerial.


Then Zack and I like to go out to Wegmans and get our groceries for the week.  Once we’re back from the store I like to post up and watch some of my favorite TV shows and work on my calendar for the week.  My Passion Planner has been my best friend.  I usually put all my meetings and events for the week and then figure out what I’ll be posting for the coming weeks on the blog.

Later in the evening I love relaxing with a cup of Peppermint tea while writing. DSC_7170.jpg Recently I have also really enjoyed my meditation coloring book, the patterns and repetition in the photos are so soothing and it’s fun to focus on something so simple. The Celestial Seasons is such a perfect flavor that isn’t too over powering and is so refreshing.


Usually in the evening I like to take a bath with a relaxing bath bomb and a face mask.  Right now I’m obsessed with the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask .  It’s truly amazing how clear and even this mask has made my skin. These little things really take very little time but really just make me very relaxed and make waking up no Monday just a little bit easier.


Do you have a routine for Sunday to prepare you for the week ahead?



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