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I have always loved the styling of Southern California Girls. For many many years, Lauren Conrad circa Laguna Beach was my style idol. I love how casual, and effortlessly chic these girls are, with their perfect tousled waves from literal salt spray from the ocean to their year round tan I have tried my hardest to figure out the secret behind why these girls are just so cool.  So today, I wanted to share some tips on how to get that perfect SoCal girl style this summer.

green15Taking it back: I am ALL about the “vintage vibes”. In the summer I feel like I dress like I live at Coachella. I think a big part of the SoCal style heavily influenced by 70s bohemian.  Flowy maxi dresses and bell sleeves and jeans are really what staples in any California Girl’s closet.  I’ve also seen, now that the 90s are back with a vengeance a lot of style nods at the 90s grunge style. Loose slip dresses, and all of the crop tops. Top it off with a choker and you’d be turning Jordan Catalano’s head.

Be You: I think what makes SoCal style so appealing is it’s effortless look. Be you, style your clothes the way you want and look a little messy, the more comfortable you look like you feel the cooler you look to others.  It gives you the perfect air of confidence these girls just ooze.


green19Free the nipple:  Who has time for a bra these days? I think to go with those beautiful boho tops the perfect undergarment is a lacey bralette ( or no bra at all).  If you’re wearing a flowy camisole with an easy pair of flared jeans the last thing you want is for your basic bra straps ruining the vibe, so toss that out and replace it with a sexy lace bralette if the top is a little too low cut for a cute peep of lace or if you’re feeling daring skip this step and show off that golden skin.

Sunshine State: Of course they don’t call California the Sunshine State for nothing. These girls have a serious knack for finding sunglasses that compliment any outfit and they always look stylish. I think the key to sunglasses is trying them on and seeing what compliments your face shape, my other tip is to not follow those guides on face shape.  Buy what you like.  If you want to rock those funky heart shaped Lolita glasses do it! If you love big Hollywood sunnies that cover half your face don’t be ashamed to buy 10 pairs. Not only are they practical for a sunny day but can really bring an outfit together.

green8Prints:  I think what I love most about this style is the simplicity.  I’m not really one for loud colors or prints. Most of the time the color palette is very neutral for a simple and universal look, but when it comes to prints I think tribal and floral might be the way to go if you’re looking to blend in on the beaches of Laguna.  Brands like Show Me Your Mumu and Free People have perfected the printed floral game when it comes to the perfect summer dress or romper.  I love pulling pieces or inspiration from these brands to create the perfect effortless look.


green10Details: Now, I can’t mention those brands without mentioning fabric details, I think some other trends SoCal ladies love is high waisted, distressing, fringe, and crocheted pieces.  I remember at Coachella this summer the big trend was those beautiful cream colored crocheted dresses, I think with a pair of little camel booties you can’t go wrong. Fringe skirts are also a really fun trend right now that I think could definitely carry into fall.  I think it gives a little bit of a fun western vibe, pair it with a band t-shirt or basic crop top for a bit of edge.  I will always be an advocate for high waisted bottoms. Whatever guy says they look like mom *insert bottom* he is wrong.  I think they are so flattering and makes your legs look so long.  They’re easy to throw on, and pair so perfectly with even the tiniest crop top.

Cooler Nights:  For my ladies in the North East this is a little more applicable to you but, layers.  I think on those cooler nights on the beach SoCal girls know just how to layer up and still look chic.  By throwing on an oversized flannel or perfectly fitted denim jacket you can make that basic shorts and tank look still comfortably chic and you aren’t freezing your butt off.  With the flannel, you can even take a page out of the 90s book and wrap it around your waist.


These are my tips for dressing like a California Girl, now go spritz your hair with salt spray and turn on The Beach Boys.  What are your favorite trends?  Did I miss something you love?

outfit details: shorts // sandals // double ring // shirt (similar)  // hat (similar)






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