How to Revamp Last Seasons Clothes

I’m counting down the days to the day it’s finally sunny and warm in Central New York.  Don’t get me wrong I love my boots and turtlenecks but I’m starting to become uninspired when it’s 10 degrees in the morning when I wake.  I feel like I’m constantly reaching for layers and stretchy comfortable clothes.  Some weeks my athletic wear is glued to my body, I just haven’t been excited about any of the clothes in my closet and it’s really difficult to put outfits together.  So instead of throwing everything out of my closet and starting new (which would definitely be expensive) I love using these little tips to change things up and give my old clothes a little revamp.

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Distress old jeans: Those old skinny jeans sitting in your clothes, they have signs of wear or even a rip or two in the knees.  Instead of tossing them and getting a new pair give them a little more wear for an edgier look.  Add more distressing, put holes in the knees or even cut off the ankle for a more cropped look. I love pairing my distressed jeans with a pair of Chelsea Boots and fishnet tights under.  This can give any simple sweater or turtleneck a really laid back rock n’ roll feel.

Pattern Tights:  Speaking of tights under jeans, fishnets or tights with texture can change the feel of any outfit.  A simple a line skirt or LBD can be elevated by a gorgeous patterned tight and pumps.  They can give any classic office look a little bit of personality.









Layers: We all know layers are key to surviving those extra cold days in the winter.  But as the weather starts getting warmer I know I’ll definitely be going through last year’s spring pieces and assessing what to keep and what to donate, layering will also be crucial to restyling and updating those.  I know I personally will be wearing blazers quite a bit this spring.  With floral dresses, tailored trousers, and even suits.  This will give any look just a little bit of sophistication.

Purse Accessories: This is my favorite way to update any bag.  I love tying a patterned scarf to an old bag or recently different designers have been creating changeable straps with embellishments.  My favorites are Rebecca Minkoff’s line of guitar strap style straps. There are so many different styles of accessories from so many different designers they are such a great way to add a little personality to a bag and give it new life.







Statement Shoe: Shoes are always a great way to change the way any outfit looks.  I love a great shoe with a pop of color and of course if you’re trying to make a statement or dress an outfit up a beautiful heel should always be a go to.

How do you revive out outfits?


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