Fashion Rules to Live By

If you have spent even 10 minutes with me you’ll know I have a deep love for fashion.  I love window shopping and people watching just to see what people are wearing and what’s on trend currently.  What I have also learned from my love for fashion are these simple rules to never forget when getting dressed in the morning.

#1 Don’t Follow the “Rules”dollfacediaries rules

This is probably the biggest and most important rule.  I think being you and being unique is the most amazing part of fashion.  You don’t need to follow other people’s rules to be stylish.  Want to wear white after Labor Day go for it.  Wearing black and brown together?  Why not.  Want to mix metals with your accessories, no one will bat an eye. With fashion it’s always about making your own rules.

#2 Experiment with Your Personal Style

This might be my favorite rule.  I love doing this everyday.  One day I like to be very feminine. Another, kind of edgy.  The next could be sporty, or sophisticated.  Play with your own style and with what you like.  You might surprise yourself with trends or styles you never would have liked.

dollfacediariesrules6#3 Find Things You Love

To go along with the last rule make sure you truly love the piece.  Making sure you keep classics and your body type in mind. Above all you need to feel confident and happy in what you wear.

#4 Use Accessories

Accessories are great because they can really change the feel of a look, adding a bunch of layered necklaces to a basic dress can create a boho kind of look. Or a very structured bag to a pair of jean can create a powerful sophisticated look.

#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Trends

This goes along with the experiment theme of the post, don’t be afraid to mix trends you think often times won’t work together.  Mix patterns and textures, mix girly with athletic.  Right now a big trend is wearing trainers with frilly dresses.  Above all be adventurous, be bold, and be yourself.

dollfacediaries rules2dollfacediaries rules4

How do you take risks with your fashion?


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