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Blogging is tricky, being able to come up with engaging topics is not easy. Sharing fun decor tips, recipes, and beauty must haves really is an art, an art I haven’t yet mastered.  So today I wanted to share a list of just a few bloggers I seem to be reading religiously, these bloggers have it figured out!  If you’re looking for post inspiration or a good work outfit look no further!


First up is this little lady Brooke Leone of Sort & Scrub!  Not only am I obsessed with her must haves and reviews but I also have the pleasure of working with her in real life! This girl has the most effortlessly classic yet casual style and I love reading her blog any chance I get for new inspirations for my own!


Next up is Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere.  This lady does everything, reviews, DIY, home design and has the most amazing style!  Her blog is so easy to navigate with seasonal categories.


Of course Miss Zoella has to be on any favorite blogger list.  This Youtube sensation also takes her tips and tricks to the blogosphere with the most adorable blog ever (she has mini lights on the bottom) she shares her must haves, vacations and more!


I found Lauryn from the Skinny Confidential for the first time on Youtube.  Her beauty reviews and make up tips really caught my eye and made me want to slather grape seed oil all over my face immediately.  Not only is this gal stunning, but she has an edgy, classic style I’m totally obsessed with.  Her blog is filled with outfits, travel, tips, and even healthy recipes!  There is nothing this woman hasn’t done!

sophie gray

My last obsession is the adorable Sophie Gray or Way of Gray.  This girl is a power house (just look at that bod!) She is a Holistic Nutritionalist and personal trainer, I bought her work out plan a few months back and I have been obsessed with reading her blog and keeping myself on track.  This girl’s motivating posts about staying focused, nutritional value in foods, and amazing recipes will help you loose any weight you’re looking to shave off.

These women are all so inspiring they keep me blogging, creating and growing, check them out!


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