How to Get That Model Off Duty Look


Gigi Hadid, Poppy Delavigne, and Karlie Kloss. What do these three women have in common besides being 5′ 10″ and beautiful?  They have the most amazing style, they have somehow mastered the effortlessly chic style we all aspire to have.  Whether it’s headed to a low key event at Fashion Week, shopping in SOHO or grocery shopping at Target these girls look runway-ready every day. There are a few staples in their closets they incorporate to be comfortable as well as stylish. In the winter I find my desire to get dressed up takes a backseat to my desire to spend just 30 more minutes in bed. So these tips are fantastic if you’d like to look like you planned your outfit the night before.

A statement jacket is a perfect way to stand out and stay warm.  These girls know how to layer in the most fashionable way.  A thick knit cardigan under a beautiful peacoat is a great way to stay warm on a chilly day and also look chic.  To add a little edge throw on a leather bomber jacket, a model’s go to.  Or if you want a more put together look a tailored blazer is a great layer.  I have also been really loving the faux fur coat trend,  I think a leopard print mid length coat with a pair of jeans or even a party dress is a great way to turn heads.


Basics are always a models best friend.  A simple bodysuit, cropped hoodie, or even the typical plain white t and jeans.  You don’t have to always wear something bright and colorful to look chic.  I love buying basics from stores like ASOS, and of course American Apparel as the king of basics.


If you’re going to wear something really simple I love adding a little personality with some fun accessories.  A beautiful large faced watch, some bracelets, cool earrings or layered necklaces. I am also a big fan of a fun pair of glasses to add a little flare to an outfit.  Regardless if you need them to see or not a cool pair of glasses can add something different to any outfit.

As for footwear, a good sneaker or ankle boot is always what these girls are strutting in.  Mix your sneakers with skirts and dresses for a really chic and casual look, I own a pair of booties in every color to match any outfit because they go with literally anything.

Though basics are always a model’s best friend what makes their styles so cool is they aren’t afraid to be confident and always wear their confidence like a badge of honor.  They aren’t afraid to defy fashion “rules” and try new things.  So mixing patterns is definitly worth trying.  The trick to mixing prints is to pick prints of different scales.  Pick a bigger polka dot and match it with a think stripe or a tiny floral.  Mix colors and really get daring with your looks.

Who is your favorite model style inspiration?



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