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A smile is a girls best accessory. No matter what you’re wearing a bright white smile can make you feel confident.  But if you’re as busy as I am you definitely don’t have the time to get them professionally whitened and I feel like I’ve tried every toothpaste that claims to whiten and don’t see results.  So when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to do this collaboration I was so excited to hear about their easy to use product (check out how you can try it too at the end of this post!).  This little kit is like having your dentist right in the comfort of your home, I found adding whitening to my nightly routine while blogging or preparing for the next day was the easiest and most effective way to whiten teeth, adding whitening to my normal evening routine no-brainer.

To start you send Smile Brilliant your molds for your customized whitening trays to whiten.  These trays are created to fit your teeth perfectly so they aren’t the clunky generic trays or the whitening strips that will slip and don’t stay on your teeth. It was also super easy to write a blog post clean the house and I didn’t feel like I had big clumsy papers in my mouth making me salivate.  I could even talk on the phone while whitening. When your customized trays come you can then start whitening. The first step is to brush your teeth with water and then apply a thin ribbon of the whitening gel along the front of your tray. Dry your teeth and insert trays leaving them in for an hour but no more than 3 after you’re done whitening brush your teeth, as usual, and rinse your trays in cold water to prepare for the Desensitizing Gel apply the gel the same way as the whitening gel leave this gel on for 15 to 20 minutes and then you’re done!

This is my favorite way to get a whiter smile. In just one short week I definitely saw a drastic difference in the color of my teeth. You never really realize how confident you can feel with something as simple as a bright smile.

Smile Brilliant is also so lovely and is offering my readers the opportunity to try their kit too! To win your own Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit simply fill out this form. Or you can use the code dollfacediaries15 for 15% off a kit!

What did you think of your Smile Brilliant experience?

*before and after just one week of using Smile Brilliant!


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  1. March 20, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Teeth whitening is such a simple way to feel better about your apperance! Love using Smile Brilliant at my house!

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