Get ready with the Maybelline 24k Nudes Pallet


This week I started my spring cleaning and with the spring cleaning I’ve also been trying some new make up looks to refresh my make up routine.  To help me out Maybelline and Influenster were kind enough to let me try out Maybelline’s new 24k Nudes pallet and the Push Up Drama Angel mascara.  So I decided today I would share a fun Spring flower inspired make up look. 

gold16My favorite flower is a pansy, I think they are the epitome of spring. Maybelline’s 24k Nudes pallet has some beautiful shades you can create some amazing looks with.  They have some very versitile shades, my only complaint is that the shades aren’t very pigmented and need a lot of layers to build a dramatic look.

To start my look I primed my lids with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance to make sure my look holds then I took a flat shadow brush and swiped the deep purple color in my outer corner and crease.  then I used the taupe color in the middle of the pallet and used that in the inner corner or my lid.  then I took a smaller flat brush and put the golden color in the middle of my lid and took a blending brush to blend the edges of each section.


gold4Influenster also gave me one of Maybelline’s beautiful eyeliners so I used that in my bottom waterline only halfway and used the gold in the inner waterline.  Add a nice wing or you can even create the wing with the purple to make a real dramatic look.  I really liked how creamy this liner was but again it wasn’t very pigmented and wore off faster than the Lancome liner I have.

Last I topped my look off with some mascara, I have been trying the Push Up Drama but it just doesn’t seem to suit me. The brush is a really cool angled comb.  It’s all silicone bristles and just doesn’t seem to disperse the product evenly.  It’s hard to get the brush to the far corner lashes without getting mascara all over your lids and it really makes my lashes clump.    I think this is a fun fresh look for spring, these colors are beautiful and I’m really digging how the purple and gold look together.

Let me know what you think of this look and what colors you’re wearing for spring?


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