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I think the number one thing that makes your blog a blog people come back to time and time again is a great set of photos.  Along with good written content, visuals are really want people are attracted to first.  I think even after the year that I have been writing this blog I have continued to look for ways to improve my photography.  Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way.


  1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: I live by this phrase, nothing is 100% original anymore these days and it doesn’t have to be.  I love getting inspiration for posts, and images all around the internet.  Pinterest is filled with amazing bloggers with amazing ideas.  I also ready a short list of blogs I read every single week so seeing what they’re doing and wearing and even using to shoot their images (a lot of them will share that information in their posts!) I love taking my inspirations from other successful bloggers.  Just remember imitation is very different from copying completely,  be you, and add your own flavor.  People are coming to your blog to get to know you!

jessa-92982. Take resumes: Now that you’ve got your idea and have composed the images in your head finding the right photographer is so incredibly important.  They don’t have to be a professional, typically the people who do it professionally and have all the fancy equipment will give you stunning images but they come with a price (as they should).  If you can afford a pro to snap your pictures for your blog that’s fantastic!  But having a really good friend use your equipment is just fine.  As you know Zack takes my photos and for this particular shoot my wonderful friend Jordan honored us with her amazing eye!  I think the number one take away from this tip is make sure you are comfortable with this person.


jessa-92773. Pick your Pose: Along with the having a photographer you are comfortable with having a few poses that you are comfortable in is always good too.  Again, Pinterest has so many infographics with flattering poses and tips on how to pose.  Look around, and then practice these poses in your mirror and find the ones you like most.  Then when you’re having fun goofing off with the photographer you know how to move your body.  I really like taking more of a natural approach and move around a lot… take a couple steps, move your hair, smile, look around.  These types of poses give move of a candid feel which I’m a big fan of.


jessa-89764. Experiment with Composition: Now using a photographer they might already know this tip but if you’re photographer really isn’t familiar with blogger style photography you might have to take more of the lead in crafting the perfect images.  Get your wide shot with the entire outfit of course but then play with the details and get close ups of specific pieces. And get different angles to make things more interesting.





5. Have fun:  Finally, and most important have fun!  Go to the shoot with an open mind and a lot of enthusiasm.  Go with the flow and have a good time and that will all show in the shots.






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