Girlfriend Day


Tomorrow is National Girlfriend Day, now whether you see Girlfriend Day as a day for a someone to celebrate their significant other or if you want to just celebrate the bad ass babes in your life here are some ways you can have a fun girls night with your lady friends.


IMG_5310After a long week (or weekend) sometimes a good night in with your friends is just what a girl needs.  I absolutely love taking an evening to not get dressed up and go out to the bars but instead sit around in my comfy sweat shirt and mismatched PJ pants (because honestly, who really wears their PJs as a set?) and stuff my face while watching girly movies and giggling.  So I say for National Girlfriend Day we all treat ourselves and at least one babe in our lives to a fun evening in to celebrate how amazing and special they are to you.

Snacks:  Who likes going to a party without snacks?  That’s right no one!  I think this is probably the most important part of this post.  For our ladies night, we did courses to our snacks.  To start we make a charcuterie with crostinis and other snacks to pair with the cheese, and instead of wine for this course, we made a nice pot of tea.  Later we made chocolate covered strawberries and had wine.  Other ideas for snacks would be popcorn with sweet and savory toppings.


IMG_5316Movies: While eating these delicious snacks you have to have some entertainment.  We sat and gossiped for a while, but having a movie going in the background is always a good idea.  For our date night, my girlfriend and I watched Mr. Right and Moanna (because yes we’re adults) but I think some other great girls night flicks are things like John Tucker Must Die (holy throwback), Romeo + Juliet or even Clueless are great childhood classics.  If you’re looking for a TV show for your ladies night I suggest Younger, by the makers of Sex and the City, it stars Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster as kick ass ladies running the publishing industry in New York City.

How are you going to celebrate National Girlfriend Day?


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