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Monday mornings are rough, even after your relaxing weekend of Netflix Marathons it seems to sneak up on you.  No amount of coffee can really make me feel awake on Monday but these simple tricks have really helped me camouflage the tired.

Knowing your eye shape is key, not everyone has the same size, shape or distance on the face and not ever tip or trick will work the same for every lid. If you have deep set eyes you really would want to avoid contouring the crease like a monolid. Here are my suggestions for how to create the perfect eye look for any shape.

Hooded eyes have a layer of skin that hangs over the crease in your lid. For this kind of eye you will want to blend your shadow up over the crease to create more depth in the lid.that will create more of a visible lid and make them look bigger. Adding a volumizing mascara will also help open the eyes and create a more wide look.



Downturn eyes can be spotted by looking at the corners of your eyes and seeing if they turn down slightly.  This eye shape is perfect for the cat eye liner because it helps balance that down turning.



Upturned or Almond are the opposite of the downturn and have more of a upward corner.  For this eye shape you will want to create more of a smokey eye in the outer corners to balance the upturn in the eye.



Close set eyes are just want it sounds like, naturally the space between a person’s eyes are about the size of one eye, for close set they are just a little smaller. For this eye shape start your eyeliner for the bottom and top near the middle of the eye, this will create an illusion of the eyes being farther apart.  This eye shape it’s also important to highlight the inner corner to create the wider set appearance.



Wide Set eyes as you can guess is a little bigger than the size of one eye. For this eye shape the eyeliner should go around the entire eye, including the inner water line  This will add a end to the eye and will make the appearance of your eyes being closer you can also use your mascara to get those tiny lashes in the inside.

kate moss


Deep set eyes have a prominent brow bone and the eyes are set deeper into the skull. You’ll want to use lighter shadows to brighten the entire eye, avoid using dark colors in the crease because that will accentuate the deep setting.

taylor swift


Monolid doesn’t have much of a crease to the lid, it’s very flat. To create the illusion of a deep crease creating a gradient to the eyelid will help create depth.  Start with darker shadows at the lash line and lighter colors at the brow.

jamie chung


Protruding eyes as apposed to the monolid the protruding eyes have a very deep set crease but the eyelid does not sit with it like the deep set eyes.  For this shape you want to avoid a bold or thick eyeliner, this will draw more attention to your protruding lids.  Instead using a tight liner just in the water lines or using eyeshadow to create a soft eyeliner is best.



Round eyes are exactly that, the hight and width of the eye are the same size and often times you can see the white under the iris when the eye is open. because this eye shape often looks bigger than others using a dark shadow and creating a soft wing in the corner of the eye will help give the eye a little more length.



Lastly, there are a few things I think are universal for all eye shapes that will give your eye an extra boost.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before but white or nude liner in the water lines can really help an eye shape look bigger.  For obvious reasons, your eye is white sowhite eyeliner extending that white line will give your eye just a little bit more circumference.

Define eyebrows helps shape your face and create a boarder or frame for your eyes, keeping them well kept and full will create the perfect frame and really life and open your eyes.

If your lashes need a little bit more help that mascara just can’t fix false lashes are perfect!  I was a huge fan of the band lashes, make sure you cut them to fit the size of your eyes but with a bit of practice they can become so easy to apply and last all day.  The individual lashes are a little trickier but give you so much more control of the shape you give your lashes if you want more volume or length in the corners or the middle they are more customizable.  Another recent trend has been lash extensions, and they are like semi permeant fake eyelashes and I’m obsessed.

Finally, your highlighter is your best friend.  Using a highlight shade or a white, light pink or nude shadow to highlight the inner corner, brow bone and middle of the lid will give you a beautiful wide awake look.

What kind of eyes do you have?  What’s your favorite trick to make your eyes look big and doe eyed?



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