Goodbye 2018

What a year this has been, it’s been a struggle at times, but all in all this has been an incredible year for me. I started the year like any other, set myself up with goals, tried to stay on my healthy eating and made plans with friends. It felt like it was going to just be a typical year. But very quickly my life was turned upside down and everything changed. Moving to Chicago was the most exciting and scariest thing I’ve ever done. But it has brought more happiness to my life than I ever could have imagined. As I look back at 2018 I honestly have so much to be grateful for. So as I say goodbye and hello to a new beginning of 2019 here are some of the moments I truly can’t believe I was lucky enough to experience.

New York Fashion Week February

As a fashion lover, I look forward to fashion month every year. The shows the designs its so exciting to see what trends will be making their debut for each season and I absolutely love seeing what my favorite designers create (especially Dior, Self Portrait and Saint Laurent) But I never thought in a million years that I would be invited to sit at a fashion show at NYFW. I was blown away by all the amazing designers, and the energy of New York during fashion week is something truly incredible.

New Job

Then in March I accepted my job in Chicago. I wanted a change, I wasn’t totally satisfied in Syracuse and knew I needed a new adventure so when I started looking for jobs I was looking in many different cities. When I had my interview with my current company I knew it felt right. I was excited about the employees and the fact I had something unique to bring to their company. As a young girl, I knew I wanted to move to Chicago, it was my dream city. I had spent time in New York and it never felt like home, but Chicago felt right and it felt like the universe was telling me this is where I needed to be.

New Friends

Moving to Chicago meant leaving all my old friends and my family behind. It was a bit scary, after establishing a life in Syracuse for four years. Having a relationship and friends I loved uprooting everything and leaving all that behind was kind of daunting. But within the first week of being in Chicago I knew this is exactly what my life needed. I work with some of the most inspiring people. I get to express myself here on my blog and connect with so many incredible people through blogging. I have met so many inspiring individuals who are also hustling to reach their dreams. So many entrepreneurs working their butts off the reach their goals. It’s incredible how collaborative everyone is. I have also loved every moment and every person that has shared their favorite parts of this beautiful city. All the concerts I’ve attended and the tiny bars I’ve had the pleasure to explore. Every person I’ve met has been so unique it’s unbelievable how lucky I have been to interact with everyone.


I have been so incredibly lucky my entire life to get to travel and experience the world. My mum has always been a travel bug and has always loved a good adventure so having the opportunity to go back to Germany this summer and experience all the places we lived when I was little was really exciting. I love exploring Germany and it’s been such a treat to get to go relive parts of my childhood I never thought I would be able to see.

Chicago Summer

When I moved to Chicago in April the one thing literally everyone said to me was “You’re so lucky you moved when you did, Chicago summers are incredible.” Now after hearing it for probably the tenth time I was really trying to keep my expectations low. It couldn’t be THAT good, could it? Well… it definitely lived up to the hype. From the beautiful weather being able to wander around the city by myself finding new spots, to the outdoor concert series in Millennium Park, to relaxing afternoons at the beach. I loved every minute of the summer.

Amazing Brand Collaborations

While moving to Chicago was to advance my career I also picked Chicago for the opportunity it brought for this blog. I have been so passionate about sharing my life and tips with you all for so many years and coming to Chicago has brought so many amazing collaborations and new friendships. I am so grateful for everyone who has followed my journey and for the new comers thank you for always reading, I seriously wouldn’t be doing this without all of you.

Old Friends

With all the excitement and change that’s gone on this year I have to say one of the things I’m most thankful for is the friendships that haven’t faded with the distance. I am so grateful for the friends who came to visit and explore my favorite city with me. For allowing me to gush over my favorite spots and giving me an excuse to try even more new things. I’m also so overwhelmed by the joy I have for the friends who made time for me when I was home last week. For the friendships that didn’t skip a beat even after 9 months. These are friendships I will be forever grateful for and people who will be in my life for forever.

What are your favorite memories form 2018?


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