Hangover Cure


Happy New Year!  It is finally 2017 and I am so excited to start this year right. But I’m sure after your new year festivities you’re probably not feeling your best so for today’s post I’m sharing a few tips on how to look better thank you feel after a weekend of saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to a new start.

leopard11First, hydrate! This is so so important, for just this once step away from the coffee and say hello to l’eau.  Water is essential to recovering from all the drinking the night before.  My favorite way to hydrate in the morning is putting some fresh lemon in some hot water.  In the winter it warms you up and it’s such a refreshing flavor.  For the rest of the day I pick up my favorite water bottle or my big mason jar I keep on my desk at work and fill it with water all day.  I’m really bad about drinking plain water I need flavoring in my drinks so to keep me drinking water I love to put fresh or frozen fruit in my water to give it a little taste and keeps it cool.

Another way to feel better after a long weekend is to get up early. I’ll be the first to admit, I love sleeping in on the weekends.  Snuggles with the dog all morning is the only thing I want to do on a Sunday but I feel horrible getting up so late and feel even worse Monday when I have to get up for work.  So make sure to keep with your schedule even if you feel the urge to hit snooze.


leopard13Next, step away from the late night pizza!  I know this is another hard habit to break and those late night french fry runs are what I dream about while out with friends but it does nothing for you. Instead plan a great and healthy meal for the night that is quick and easy, even prep the night before so you don’t have to waste time cooking, then you have left overs to heat up after your night out.  I also love to keep veggies or dry fruit around for a quick snack at the end of the night that is so much better for me and I don’t feel horrible the next day.

Another way to get you going the next day it so take a cold shower. Forget hitting snooze and instead just hit the shower for a quick cold one.  It will wake you up and keep you from standing and snoozing in the shower.


Finally use that BB cream to your advantage.  Caffeine eye creams are a great way to wake up those under eyes and to minimize the puffiness and dark circles. For the days I’m super tired I also love to fake looking wide awake by creating a nice glowy eye look. Using shimmery eyeshadows and skipping the dark eyeliner gives you a wide awake “I slept more than 3 hours” look.

How do you recover from a fun filled weekend?



  1. Lauren
    January 2, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    this is great! I try to drink water all night while I’m drinking to avoid a hangover completely. haha But when that doesn’t happen water or gatorade in the morning is what’s helpful. haha

    xox Lo

    • January 2, 2017 / 2:59 pm

      Thank you darling I certainly well! xoxo

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