Happy Birthday Dollface Diaries


I can’t actually believe I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I used to dabble in it for years before in college creating a post, and then letting the blog sit for months.  Last year I decided to bring this baby back to life and make something of her.  I think my problem before was I  never really had a direction I wanted to take, or a focus and that really made staying active difficult.  But I never would have imagined all the things this blog would teach me not only about myself but about this amazing medium for sharing your thoughts.



I think the biggest thing Dollface Diaries has taught me is dedication.  Posting something weekly is very difficult, and often times I don’t live the most exciting life.  The challenge has been to create a life that people might want to read about, or come up with things that I do that I might not think as exciting and turn them into something helpful for others.  I have always wanted my blog to be a place of inspiration, somewhere girls (and guys) can go to inspire an outfit or get an honest opinion on a product they are interested in trying.  I want this to be a place people want to come back to.





I have also had the opportunity to dedicate my free time to my passions.  I was a dancer all through my childhood and I dedicated myself to ballet but being told when a class is and making the time yourself is actually such a different situation.  I love my blog and am passionate about the content I’m creating so setting aside time around my day job is tiring but so rewarding.


boots10Finally, I think the biggest change I’ve seen in myself that I would have to credit my blog for is my personal growth.  I used to be a very self conscious person. Spending most of my adolescence in a very small town I never felt like I fit in, nor was I really praised for standing out.  I went through a bunch of crazy phases but I think now I am finally who I want to be.  I think taking pictures for Dollface Diaries has really taken me out of my comfort zone and forced me to care so much less about what other people think.  Brush off the judgement because those passers by will never know the true impact you have on the people in your life that matter.

So thank you Dollface Diaries, for all you’ve taught me, how you’ve let me grow, and here’s to many many more amazing adventures in our future. Happy Birthday.


And readers, what’s your favorite part about blogging?


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