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Just 8 short days left until Christmas!  I can’t believe it — I feel like as soon as my Birthday rolls around then in just a blink of an eye it’s Christmas Eve.  Today’s post is about how I got my apartment into the Christmas spirit, I love decorating my apartment all year long but there is just something so magical about Christmas decorations.

I kept with a very 1950s traditional theme in my apartment this year.  The living room is mostly teal red and silver and my dining room has a little more glitz.  Here is a fun photo tour of our wonderful decorations!


In my living room I went with a bit of a classic feel.  I put garland with fairy lights around my tv.


I displayed a vintage Instant Snow sign with a little tree and babbles I got at Target on our book shelf.


Then by my couch I put out a jar with holiday candy and a little DIY shadow box I created last year filled with pom poms and jingle bells.


In my dining room I went with a different theme going with some unconventional colors. I hung bobbles from my curtain rod with fishing line to give it the illusion of them floating.


On the other side I hung my Happy Holidays bunting I got from Target last year as well as some little colored trees I found at Target as well.  Our table runner is silver with sequin trees in the same color theme as the bobbles.


It was an exciting year because my boyfriend and I got our first real tree!  We covered it in traditional bobbles in the same colors as the dining room.



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